Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds – Review

When it comes to discreet wireless Bluetooth earbuds, Apple doesn’t have it all its own way. The latest challenger is Jabra’s Elite 65t, and they’re rather good; but should you buy them instead of Apple AirPods?

  • GN Audio
  • www.jabra.co.uk
  • £149.99, $169.99, 169,99 €
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth devices, iOS 10.3 or higher for companion app

With these earbuds, cable tangles are a thing of the past. Like Apple AirPods, Jabra’s Elite 65t connects to your iPhone or iPad wirelessly through Bluetooth. The are no cables at all, not even between the left and right buds. Connection is reliable and unlike some wireless earbuds, they won’t keep losing the signal. They fit snugly in your ears too, perhaps even more so than the AirPods, and come with three different sizes of silicon tips. People with very small ears might find them a little tight but you can wear them with confidence; they won’t keep falling out and they’re comfortable enough for prolonged use.

Like the AirPods, Jabra’s earbuds are good for five hours on a single charge and are recharged in a small carry case. The case itself stores two full charges, so you can go a full 15 hours before you need a power socket again. Not quite a match for Apple’s 24 hours but better than most wireless earbuds. They switch on and off automatically when you take them from and return them to the case, which is great if you keep draining your Bluetooth earbuds because you forget to turn them off.

The Elite 65t are of robust construction and protected against dust and water. They’re better suited to the gym than AirPods but if you’re really serious about fitness, you might prefer the Elite Sport model, which includes a heart rate monitor but at the expense of battery life. Just as you might expect, the Jabra Elite 65t are great for telephony; just tap the button on the right earbud to pause your music and take that incoming call. Volume/track skip controls are found on the left earbud and are easy enough to use. They can be paired with up to eight devices and connected to two devices at once; just the ticket if you want to listen to music on your iPhone without blocking out system sounds from your computer.

Indeed, blocking out sounds is something the Elite 65t does very well. Sound isolation is much better than the AirPod’s. However, if you don’t want to silence your surroundings completely, there’s an excellent iOS app that lets you configure your listening experience. Turn on the HearThrough feature and you can hear what’s going on around you as well as your music. It’s like listening through a regular speaker instead of earbuds and is ideal if, for example, you want to listen to your music on the train but don’t want to miss the announcements. Removing one of the earbuds automatically pauses your sound until you put it back again.

The sound quality of the Jabra Elite 65t is excellent, with deep bass, well defined treble and awesome vocal reproduction. Four-mic technology gives your phone calls a similar crystal clarity too. They’re good for a very wide range of musical tastes and if you feel they need tweaking, there’s an equaliser built into the iOS app. Overall, they’re highly recommended and a great all-round sound solution.

Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds
  • Overall


An extremely high-quality set of wireless earbuds that won’t let you down in terms of battery life nor sound quality.

+ Extremely versatile
+ Great sound
+ Good battery life
– Maybe a little large for some

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