iPhone XS Spec Rumours

iOS 12 Spec rumours

While the naming of the new flagship iPhone model for Apple’s September unveiling may be a point of contention, there are some valid rumours surrounding its specification.

XS Power

Many leading tech experts are purporting that Apple’s new line of 2018 phones will house the new A12 processor. This is mainly due to Apple’s CPU supplier, TSMC, starting mass production back in May.

iphone xs specs

The A12, if that’s the name that the CPU will be identified as, will be manufactured on a 7-nanometer architecture, far less dense that the current A11 Bionic processors, as found in the iPhone X, which are made with a 10nm process. What this ultimately means is that Apple will not only be able to amp up the processor speed, but also shave off some power consumption too.

The A11 boasted an impressive 4.3 billion transistors, whereas the A12 is rumoured to have a transistor count somewhere in the region of 5.5 to 6.5 billion. The processor improvements will certainly be more than capable handling current-level tasks, when combined with some of the alleged features the XS may have, the extra CPU performance will be necessary, as will the increased battery life.


iphone XS 5GAnother element to add to the mix is the rollout of 5G networks over the coming year. This means there’s going to be a vast increase to the amount of data the iPhone will be capable of dealing with. There’s also Gigabit LTE, which is seen as a stop-gap on the way to 5G, and offering download speeds of up to 1Gb per second; whereas 5G could deliver speeds in excess of 10Gb/s. Either way, 5G is the future, so it makes sense that the new iPhone will support it.

More RAM

Where the iPhone X enjoyed a rather decent 3GB of memory, its successor could possibly be housing 4GB of RAM. The extra gigabyte of memory will make for some impressive performance improvements across the board, so stay tuned for info as we get it.

Storage and SIMs

The new 2018 Apple phone storage is still under a cloud of guess work. Some claim it’ll be 512GB, others are looking at 1TB, with various amounts between the two being bandied about. For the moment, we’re putting our money on 512GB, but that could change overnight.

Back in June a Chinese report claimed that the 2018 iPhone will come with a dual-SIM setup, employing an Apple SIM alongside the usual SIM card. If the sizing of the new iPhones is correct, then there’s plenty of space available for dual-SIMs. However, take these rumours with a pinch of salt.

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