The iPhone 11 – Retrospective Review

The iPhone 11 was initially met with an overall positive review and with subsequent software updates has maintained this reputation. 8 months on and with rumours looming about this year’s iPhone this is how the iPhone 11 performs in May 2020.

The iPhone 11 was announced on the 10th of September 2019 alongside its superior models the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max and was made available for purchase and pre order on the same day. The iPhone 11 was initially met with an overall positive review and with subsequent software updates has maintained this reputation. 8 months on and with rumours looming about this year’s iPhone this is how the iPhone 11 performs in May 2020.

Upon first impressions many saw the iPhone 11 as a pointless 3rd phone serving only as a budget option for those not willing to part with the better part of £1,100. However, upon further inspection this is simply not true and even half a year later this device acts as though it were brand new.

Let’s begin externally, the iPhone 11 continues the now iconic look for modern smart phones the “Glass Sandwich” featuring Guerilla Glass 6 this device’s hardware is safely insured from any nasty falls as this glass is some of the most resilient created for a smart phone. Additionally, the glass back allows for wireless charging however the iPhone 11 does not include reverse wireless charging as a native feature such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.

One of the most disappointing features of 2019’s iPhones was Apple’s persistence with the inclusion of a lightning port for charging and ere a lack of USB-C port. However, the lightning port holds up as well as any other iPhone and due to the exclusion of a headphone port this means the iPhone 11 is IP68 resistant to dust and water. With 6 months of frequent use this has been a lifesaver as even just having the reassurance should you drop it in the sink whilst doing the dishes or have it slip from your pocket into a puddle is a massive relief and we have Apple’s design team to thank.

The largest external aspect of an iPhone is of course its screen and the iPhone 11 features, an incredible 6.1” Retina display which is as pleasing as ever giving a colourful, punchy sheen to everything. With the screen comes Face ID and whilst iPhone users have now had a couple of years experience with the concept, a 30% speed increase on the 2019 iPhones is as welcome an improvement as ever even allowing for some sunglasses to be worn letting you use your phone and keep it stylish.

The equally important internals of a smartphone continue to flourish with Apple’s best tech once again having been poured into their most accessible flagship. Alongside September’s new iPhones Apple also unveiled their new A13 Bionic chip, an all round more powerful chip than the one seen in 2018’s iPhones. Additionally, the iPhone 11 is said to get about an hour extra battery life which is an unsung hero of sorts as we often forget how much we use and depend on our phones.

Despite all this I’m sure the majority of people would agree the first thing they think of when it comes to iPhones is their camera and video technology and the iPhone 11 is no different. Featuring a dual camera setup with both a wide and ultra-wide lens these cameras are amazing to say the least able to take incredibly detailed shots from far distances and provide amazing video capable of 4K 60fps. Furthermore, despite the release of Samsung’s S20 series, Huawei’s P40 and the OnePlus 7 iPhone still delivers the crispest video on any smartphone with iPhone 11.

Finally, the software, IOS 13 continues to shine, the addition of dark mode is what the majority of people most appreciated, and it even has an impact on the iPhone 11’s wallpaper further allowing it’s users to express their edgy sides. Smaller features like the portrait lighting and the addition of a monochromatic effect whilst not majorly impacting the phone are welcome additions which with the iPhone 11’s wonderful cameras are a harmonious match. On a similar note the iPhone 11’s “Slofies” camera (a slo-mo option for front facing camera) might just be the most ridiculous yet playful feature on an iPhone to date.

In conclusion the iPhone 11 is an amazing device all round from the beautiful edge to edge display to the devastatingly powerful A13 chip, this device disappoints in no real way a perfect phone for anyone be they a grafter using their phone for constant work, an avid gamer who always insists on one more go or a chatterbox who can never seem to put down the phone. The iPhone 11 is also an excellent upgrade for anyone wanting to get a taste of the more sought after features such as face ID, an ultra – wide camera and of course, slofies.

8 Months has only improved this already above the mark device and it leaves a hopeful impression for the next few months.

IPhone 11
  • Overall


An amazing piece of hardware that simply ticks every box for a yearly upgrade whilst not exactly revolutionary, most definitely evolutionary. The introduction of the ultra wide lens allows for lots of photographic fun and the monstrous A13 chip means that the user experience is smooth as butter.

+ Amazing dual camera setup for the artist within
+ Incredible processor so that nothing feels slow
– A little heavy
– Still can’t stream videos in HD 1080p


Graham is a 5th year student who has a slight obsession with all things tech. Despite not being particularly fond of English in school he figured he'd try his hand at a spot of writing. Despite a lack of experience, Graham is very happy to be part of the team (and is very welcome too).

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