How to Use Do Not Disturb Mode on iPad

It’s easy to switch the Do Not Disturb feature on and off from the main Settings screen or the Control Centre but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Here’s a guide to its advanced features.

Activating and Using Do Not Disturb

There are times when you need some peace and quiet and for those times, this guide to the iOS Do Not Disturb feature is completely invaluable. If you need to silence your iPad, here’s how.

Step 1 – To access your iPad’s Do Not Disturb options, open the Settings app from your home screen and then tap the Do Not Disturb link on this screen, as shown here. It is the purple icon with the crescent moon.

Step 2 – Flick the switch at the top of the screen to activate Do Not Disturb mode. This blocks incoming FaceTime calls and silences incoming alerts and notifications. Just the thing when you need peace and quiet.

Step 3 – Under the Phone options, you can set it to allow calls from some people to get through. This can be set as everyone, no one or specific groups from your Contacts app. Useful if you only want to block junk calls.

Step 4 – You can also set up to allow repeated calls to get through, so if the same person rings you twice within three minutes, the second call is assumed to be an emergency and gets through as normal.

Step 5 – Under the Silence sub-header is an option to silence the iPad at all times when in Do Not Disturb mode, or only when locked. The latter option lets you use your iPad as normal but silences it when you’re not using it.

Step 6 – When Do Not Disturb is active, a crescent moon icon appears in the top right hand corner of the screen. Naturally, this moon disappears when you switch Do Not Disturb off again.

Step 7 – One thing that’s not silenced by Do Not Disturb is an alarm. If you’ve set one up in the Clock app, whether a regular alarm or an alert triggered by the countdown timer, it still activates and sounds as usual.

Step 8 – The easiest way to activate Do Not Disturb is by using the Control Centre. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the Control Centre and tap the Do Not Disturb icon to turn the feature on and off.

Scheduling Do Not Disturb

Not only can you simply switch it on and off, you can also schedule Do Not Disturb to activate and deactivate automatically between certain hours. It lets you plan in advance when you need some peace.

Step 1 – To schedule Do Not Disturb to come on automatically at a certain time and to switch off again at another time of your choice, first of all, open the Settings app. Tap Do Not Disturb, then switch on the Scheduled option.

Step 2 – Use the from/to time link that appears underneath it. Then tap From and use the dials to set the time it switches on and then To, and set the time it ends. When done, tap outside the window to go back to the main app settings.

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