Hand Washing Advice From Your Apple Watch

By now, we should all understand the importance of washing our hands regularly, especially when we have been out and about doing whatever activities the local Covid-19 lockdown allows. However, Apple has decided that we need help, not only with remembering to wash our hands, but remembering to wash them properly.

Handwashing and Handwashing Reminders

To use the handwashing feature on your Apple Watch, you will need to have a Series 4 or newer. You also need to make sure that your watch and iPhone are running the latest version of iOS available.

Step 1 – On your iPhone, open the My Watch app and look for the Handwashing option. Tap this and the tap “Handwashing Timer”. This enables the automatic timer when you start washing your hands.

Step 2 – If remembering to wash your hands in the first place is the problem, tap “Handwashing Reminders”. This uses your location to detect when you arrive home, and then reminds you to wash your hands.

Step 3 – You can also turn these settings on and off on your Apple Watch. Open the settings app and look for the Handwashing option.


Activating the Timer

The handwashing timer will start automatically when you begin washing your hands, using the audio and motion sensors. You will feel a small haptic alert when the timer starts. The timer is set for 20 seconds (the recommended amount of time you should wash your hands for).

If the watch detects you stopping before the timer hits 20 seconds, it will prompt you to continue. If the timer starts when you are not washing your hands, you can simply dismiss it on the handwashing screen.


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