Glowstone Flashlight – Review

If you think torches are all the same, think again. This versatile new flashlight could be a real game changer.

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  • £22, $29, 25€

Wow, that’s bright. 900 lumens bright, to be precise. And if you’re wondering how bright that is, it’s bright. Very bright.

Glowstone Flashlight is a new type of torch. Eschewing the usual form factor, it’s rectangular in shape (68x51x13mm), and fits in the palm of your hand. It also eschews batteries, in favour of wireless charging on any Qi pad. Having no battery hatch or recharging port has the advantage of allowing it to be very durable. It’s tough enough to throw up a wall or drop into up to 30 metres of water, and is waterproof, shockproof, heatproof and gasproof too. Just the thing if you’re out caving or camping.

It’s versatile too. If the aforementioned 900 lumens is too bright, you can set it at seven, 28, 90 or 300 lumens, depending on how much brightness you need. This is achieved by varying the number of its white LEDs that are lit.  It has strobe and SOS modes too. The only disadvantage here is the various modes are accessed by pressing or holding its sole button multiple times, which can be confusing until you’re used to it.

As LEDs take very little power, at seven lumens (one LED lit) the Glowstone Flashlight shines for up to 32 hours on a single charge. Its nano suction pad allows it to stick to almost any flat surface, and if you’re happy to spend more than the £22 the base unit costs, you can bundle your Glowstone with accessories such as a tripod, head band, GoPro attachment or belt clip.

Glowstone Flashlight is an extremely handy pocket-sized torch that’s great for all your needs. Whether you need to illuminate a huge cave or a small cupboard, it does exactly what you want, and there are no spent batteries to replace either. Its basic pack doesn’t include a Qi charger so make sure you have one already, though other bundles – including a charger and various accessories – are available from its Kickstarter page [].

Glowstone Flashlight
  • Overall


Its makers claim the Glowstone Flashlight is every torch you’ll ever need. In our humble opinion, they’re absolutely right.

+ Extremely versatile
+ Almost indestructible
+ Multiple add-ons available

– Controls can be confusing

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