Ghosts’n DJs – macOS & Windows Game Review

Not that I need to make it so easy... I’ll give you one guess what retro gaming classic inspired this love letter to the 16-Bit console and arcade era.

  • Dr.Kucho! Games
  • FREE
  • Compatibility: macOS 10.9 / Windows 10 64-Bits

If you have even a passing interest in retro gaming you will undoubtedly see the huge debt owed to Capcom’s 1988’s Ghost’N Goblins and its various sequels. The 16-Bit design, the core side scrolling run and gun gameplay and the fiendishly annoying/tough platforming sections are all reproduced perfectly. The narrative that strings them together about fake DJ’s looking to monetise the house music genre, one can only assume is ironic or it is really a playable therapy session.

Either way few will care as the gameplay is brilliant. Capping this faithful and equally wonderful ode to Capcom, is the inclusion of some of the biggest names in the dance music industry on the soundtrack, Dr. Kucho! and deadmau5.

The only minor downside is the game itself is a little short, with the three stages offering only a few hours of fun. Yet one cannot complain as the 120 minutes or so of Ghosts”n DJs offers is free, and when the core game is this good the replay value is always going to high.

I would love to close with a cliche regarding putting one’s hands in the air and making some noise for the DJ, alas the latter would require you to put down your joypad and stop playing. So let’s just give a well earned “Oi Oi” to the Dr. Kucho! Instead and go and download this retro gaming house banger now.

Ghosts'n DJs
  • Overall


One of the best retro games I have played thus far in 2021. It looks great, it plays well, the audio is fab and it is free! 

+ Fantastic art style 
+ Its 100% free
+ Classic gameplay 
+ GREAT soundtrack



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