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You might have been using Microsoft products and services for years without ever realising that the company runs an rewards program, which lets you earn points for performing specific tasks like taking quizzes, using the Edge browser and searching with Bing. Here’s how you can start earning points and claiming rewards.

Sign Up For Rewards

To start earning rewards, the first thing you will need is a Microsoft account. If you don’t already have one you can quickly create one on the Account Creation page. If you already have an account, you can sign in to it from that page as well.

Head into the rewards section of your account (if you have never accessed the rewards site, you will see a message on the account home page prompting you to join). Click “Sign Up For Free” and, as long as you are in one of the countries that the program is available in, you are all set to begin earning points.

Earning Reward Points

Microsoft will prompt you to perform actions to earn points every time you log in to your account online. This might be adding a browser extension, taking a quiz, or making Bing your default mobile search engine. Click on any of the offers you see to get more information and, if applicable, installation instructions.

The main ways to earn rewards on a daily basis are searching with Bing by using the Windows 10 search field in the Taskbar, using the Edge browser (and combining Bing searches with Edge results earns even more points), and shopping for apps and games in the Microsoft store.

Microsoft really wants a bigger slice of the mobile search/browsing pie, and so will reward you with hundreds of points per day just for using Bing search, the Bing app, the Edge app or Microsoft launcher (for Android). It is no good just having these things installed on your phone, you have to use them.

Few people sign in to their Microsoft account online every day, but if you have a bit of spare time and want to boost your points earnings, you can find daily and weekly quizzes, as well as games and challenges on the rewards home page and your account home page.

You will also see Daily Sets on the rewards home page. These are a set of three tasks which change daily. If you complete all three in a day you begin a Streak. Multiple streaks will give you bonus points (on top of the points you earn for each activity in a daily set).

If you have created a Microsoft Family account (a single account shared with your children or partner), you can invite other members to join the rewards program, and then share the points earned by any member. Just click on the Community tab in the Rewards screen to see the points each member of the family has earned.

Rewards and Goals

So what exactly are these rewards? The exact rewards available will vary depending on your location (e.g. rewards available to US users will not be exactly the same as those available to UK users), but they can range from gift cards for popular stores such as Starbucks, to entries into sweepstakes to win Microsoft products.


You can also choose to turn your rewards into charity donations. The charities available will again vary between locations, and they regularly update the charities that are being supported. Click on the Redeem tab on the rewards page to see all rewards that are available in the three categories: Shop, Win, Donate.

At the bottom of each reward, you will see a progress bar of how many points you have, and how many more you need to claim that particular reward. You can also set any of the rewards as a Goal. This means it will appear on the rewards home page, and will quickly let you check how many more points you need to get.

You can set goals by clicking on any of the rewards in the Redeem page, and then clicking the “Set As Goal” button on the reward info screen.

Reward Levels

Everyone starts on level 1 in the rewards program, but if you earn at least 500 points a month, you will be promoted up to level 2. This allows you to earn more points per day for Bing searches, as well as giving you access to additional rewards and benefits such as 10% off Microsoft-branded rewards.

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