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Simply enter the special promotional code listed within the applicable publication to initiate the download.

Please note: Not all titles are eligible for a free download. Download codes are usually printed in, or around the contents page of a title. If you can't find a code, sadly your title isn't eligible for a download.

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To enter the code from the magazine, please login or register. You will then see a form to enter your code.

Please note: Downloads are only valid between two dates. Downloads need to be initated on a desktop computer or laptop.You must have a valid download code. Please check your downloads folder.

Download and View PDFs on a Mac

First click on the download link for the PDF document. When you’ve downloaded the file, it’s found in your Downloads folder in your Dock. Open the folder and drag the file onto your desktop. To unarchive the file, that is, unpack it so it can be used, double-click on it. The unzipped files also appear on your desktop - you can now move the original zip file into the trash if you wish.

When unpacked, the PDF files can be opened by double-clicking on them. This will open them using the application you have designated your app of choice for PDFs. If you haven’t installed any dedicated PDF software, the file opens in the Preview app. Click on the thumbnails in the side column or scroll the main window to navigate.

Download and View PDFs in iOS

To store and read the PDF files on an iPad or iPhone, first tap the link to open the document in Safari. This may take a few minutes if the PDF file is a large one. When it has opened, double-tap the screen on the PDF document. An option bar appears at the top of the document. From this, tap ‘Open in iBooks’ to open in the iBooks ebook reading app, or ‘Open in…’ to open it in a different app.

If you choose to open your PDF in iBooks, it’s saved there for later viewing. It appears in your library with your other titles. Tap the link in the centre-top of the screen to choose which collections to view; your PDF document is listed under ‘PDFs’, and, of course, in ‘All’. Tap it to open and read it.

Download and View PDF's on Android

To unzip (or extract zipped) files on an Android device, you will need to first install WinZip or similar software. You can find free Zip management apps in the Play Store.

Tap the Zip file link in your Android browser and it will be downloaded. You can view downloads on most Android devices in a separate “Downloads” app in the app drawer. On Samsung devices, you might need to look at “My Files” instead.

Open WinZip and extract the PDF files contained within the downloaded file. You will then be given the option to choose the app used to open the files. You can view PDF files using Chrome and several other standard Android apps.

Download and View PDF's on Windows 10

Click the link to the zipped file and select the location on your computer to download to (by default, this will be the downloads folder). Once the file is downloaded, right-click on it in the folder and choose “Extract Files”. If you do not see this option, you may need to download some Zip management software (such as WinZip or WinRAR). Extracted files will appear in a new folder, within the same folder the Zipped file is located.

Double-click on any of the PDF files to view them. If you have Adobe PDF Viewer installed (usually pre-installed on most computers), it will open in that software. If not, the PDF will open in your web browser. If you have other PDF management software installed, it will open in that software instead.

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