Finding Apps in the Apple App Store

The App Store is where you download and install new apps for your iPhone. You can get games, productivity software, entertainment applications and more. Many App Store apps are free too.

1 – The App Store’s new Today screen gives you the pick of the best of the new releases, chosen every day by Apple’s editors. Scroll up for the apps that were chosen on previous days.

2 – Tap here to get to your account details, redeem a card, send an app as a gift, update apps, and check on the apps you’ve previously purchased, or sign out of the App Store.

3 – These are the apps, and a feature highlighting a range of apps, that have been chosen by Apple’s editors as the choice of the day. Tap one for information on that particular app, and the opportunity to get it.

4 – Tap here to get to the Today screen, as seen here. The Today screen is a great way of finding out what’s new and exciting on the App Store, so you will probably want to visit it often.

5 – Gaming apps now have their own category, which you reach by tapping this icon.

6 – Tapping the Apps icon takes you to the apps page, where you find non-gaming apps. Scroll up and down and browse by category if you wish. Scroll this page all the way to the bottom to redeem iTunes gift cards.

7 – This icon takes you to the Apple Arcade subscription service. For a set monthly fee, you can play ad-free games on Macs, iOS devices and Apple TV. You can play as many or as few as you want. It’s a little like Apple Music, but for games.

8 – You can search for an app or a game using the search field. You can search for an app by name, by what it does (e.g. word processor), by the developer and more.

Viewing and Installing Apps

Open the App Store app. Find the app you want to buy, either by browsing the Today, Games or Apps section, or using the search facility if you know what you want.

You can tap the app for more information. To download the app, tap its Buy (or for free apps, ‘Get’) button. Sign in with Touch ID or Face ID using the Side button if asked to do so.

The app downloads. The Buy/Get button turns into a circle forming around a square to show its progress, and then turns into an Open button. Tap it to open the app.

Tap the chevron (top left) to go back to the App Store, or press Home (on an X-series iPhone, Swipe up) to go to the Home screen, where your new app is now found.

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Updating Your Apps

If you have apps on your iPhone for which updates are available, the App Store app, and the icon in its top right corner, are badged with the number of apps that can be updated. Tap it, then update individual apps by tapping their Update button; or do them all together by tapping the Update All link.

Downloading Apps You Already Own

Apps you have previously purchased but aren’t currently on your iPhone can be downloaded for free. Tap on your account icon in the top right, then on the Purchased link, and you’re shown your apps. You can view all your apps or only those Not on This iPhone. Tap its icon showing a cloud with a down-pointing arrow to download an app to your iPhone.

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