Where to Find Code Snippets You Can Use

Locating code online to copy and paste into an IDE isn’t difficult, but you’ve got to ensure that the code you’re entering works and doesn’t have any adverse effects on your system. There’s plenty of code out there, but you’ve got to find code that you can trust.

Trusted Code

Here are four coding-specific sites that cover a variety of different languages and versions. It’s up to you how thoroughly to scour these examples, but they’re a great start.

Stack Overflow

One of the biggest, best and most trusted code sharing sites on the Internet is Stack Overflow. The site has been around for years and has such a volume of users that there’s bound to be an answer here to any coding question you have. There’s plenty of useful code, together with explanations of what’s going on, too.



While GitHub isn’t always the best place from which to copy and paste code, it does offer the beginner a place to find really good code. What’s important for you is to look up the number of stars a project has, the more stars, the more people are interested in the code. This cuts down on malicious attempts at inserting bad code.



Repl.It is one of the best online coding platforms that gives you an instant IDE to build your code on, collaborate and host. You’ll need to sign up for the best benefits, but once you do you’ll have access to a huge volume of code created by users from all over the world; and what’s more, you can execute that code in a safe environment.



With over 40,000 members, CodeCall is an excellent coding forum where you can ask questions, get code, and become part of the wider coding community. The site covers a huge range of languages, as well as web development and system scripting. Sign up and enjoy what the community has to offer.


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