Exploring the Latest Apple tvOS

Coming this autumn, Apple TV is getting an operating system refresh.

If you’re lucky enough to have an Apple TV, the next revision of tvOS will bring you a new Home screen. There are full-screen previews of new TV shows and movies, making it much more fun to find your next binge watch.

Apple TV is designed to be used by the whole family, and the new Apple TV Control Center makes it easy to switch between family members so everyone gets to see recommendations based on their own tastes, not those of the entire household. It’s easy to switch between users too. Just summon the side-panel Control Centre, and click your name at the top. You can also use the Control Centre to access features such as system sleep, search and audio routing.

When using Apple TV for Apple Music streaming service for songs and videos, you can see lyrics to your favourite songs, displayed on-screen in sync with the music.

apple tvOS Music

The device’s gaming facilities also get a boost. As well as being compatible with the forthcoming Apple Arcade all-you-can-eat gaming subscription service, with the next release of tvOS, it’s to be compatible with the Xbox One S and PlayStation DualShock 4 controllers.

apple tvOS gaming

Finally, there’s some great new 4K screensavers. While the current version of tvOS uses outer space images, the new ones are set under the sea.

apple tvOS screensaver

Partnering with BBC Natural History Unit, the people behind The Blue Planet documentary series, they take you into oceans from around the world. In fact, they look so good we could enjoy watching the screensavers instead of the TV shows.

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