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The Series 5 Apple Watch takes a new look at the smartwatch.

It has some great new features, and Apple has instigated a great new way of selling them. Buy online or in an Apple Store and you no longer have to buy a set watch and strap. Instead, you choose the case you want and combine it with a band of your choice, for over a thousand combinations. It makes for a much more personalised timepiece.

Always On

The Apple Watch Series 5’s Retina display is always on, giving instant access to important information without tapping or lifting the screen. Just the thing when you’re doing a workout and you simply can’t turn your wrist. It does, however, dim itself to preserve battery. A tap or raise returns the watch face to full brightness. Each watch face has been optimised for the new always-on display.


Apple tells us this exciting new feature doesn’t impact on battery life, which remains at around 18 hours.

Navigation Elation

The Series 5 watch makes it easier to find your way around. For explorers and adventurers, it now has an on-screen compass featuring heading, incline, latitude, longitude and current elevation.


There are three new Compass complications for your watch face so you can see direction at a glance. The Maps app has also been updated, so the less adventurous among us can more easily find our way around towns and cities.

Titanium Case

A new case made of titanium is on the way. This prized metal has a superb strength-to-weight ratio, and is lighter than stainless steel. Available in two brushed finishes, the natural titanium has a custom-engineered surface which helps maintain its colour and resist staining, while the space black titanium achieves its deep colour from a diamond-like coating


Hermes Editions

For the fashionistas among us, there are some beautiful new Hermes Apple Watch designs.

Nike Editions

The athletically minded will appreciate the new Apple Watch Series 5 Nike editions.

The new Apple Watch Studio lets you pick your preferred case and band combination to create a look that is uniquely yours.

Emergency Call

If you have a Series 5 cellular model, you can call the emergency services in over 150 countries simply by holding the side button.

Apple Watch 5 Emergency

Release Date

The Apple Watch Series 5 is out on Friday, 20th September

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