What to Expect from the iPhone 12

With the 11-series iPhones on the shelves, the rumour mill is already looking towards the iPhone 12. But what changes will it make?

We could sum up what next year’s iPhone will be like in a succinct three words’ “we don’t know”. Apple never gives out early information about future products, and with the iPhone 11 series only just out, it certainly won’t lift the lid on its successor. We don’t even know it will be called the iPhone 12, but for the sake of having something to call it, we’ll assume it will for now.

Apple might be tight-lipped and reticent about future releases, but we can still glean information about them by following the rumour mill. Apple works with a lot of other companies when producing the iPhone, and leaks are inevitable. Let’s take a look at some of the rumours about the next iPhone, which may or may not be accurate. Only time will tell.

• 5G. This one’s fairly obvious. The next generation of mobile networking technology will arrive with the iPhone 12, although this is later than some of its rivals. The 5G roll out is inevitably taking a while; it’s only currently available in a few large cities. So 5G iPhones will arrive when the technology is more relevant.

• Redesigned body. According to analysts who claim to have seen prototypes, the iPhone 12 will drop the curved edges and return to a flatter design, with a metal band surrounding a flat screen and back.

• Screen sizes. We’ve heard the new iPhone screens will be 6.7 inches and 5.4 inches, but we doubt this is true. Apple increasing the size of the Max model’s screen and reducing that of the regular version doesn’t seem to make much sense.

• A folding iPhone. Some people are suggesting Apple will follow Samsung and release a phone that folds out, with an inner screen twice the size of the phone. Our advice? Forget it. It isn’t going to happen. But, if it does happen, it might look like this:

Credit: – Concept art by Roy Gilsing Design

• New zoom lens. Huawei’s P30 Pro features a ‘periscope’ zoom lens, whereby light is reflected 90 degrees into the body of the phone, so the zoom can extend and retract without moving in and out of the phone. Could Apple follow suit? It’s a distinct possibility.

• New iPhone SE? A replacement for the iPhone SE is rumoured to be on the cards for the first quarter of 2020. This makes sense. Apple usually hosts a special event in March, at which new hardware is announced, so a new lower-cost iPhone could well happen.

• No notch. It’s been rumoured that the ‘notch’ at the top of the iPhone’s screen will be gone, or at least reduced in size, for the iPhone 12. Remember, though, this was also rumoured for the iPhone 11 and it didn’t happen.

When? How Much?

New iPhones are almost always released in September, so expect the iPhone 12 to be unveiled in Sept 2020. Chances are the new models will cost the same as, or slightly more than, the 11-series models.


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