Eject Water from an Apple Watch

The second, third and fourth generation Apple Watches came with a really useful feature – they are all waterproof. Find out how to eject any water from the watch after being submersed.

The new waterproof feature on the second version of the Apple Watch is a great addition. You can choose to swim, shower or simply not worry about your watch getting wet in the rain.

Did you know you can also use a little feature that allows you to manually eject water droplets from the watch after it has been thoroughly soaked. If you didn’t then you can follow this guide to learn how.

Manually ejecting water from the second generation Apple Watch.

As well as ejecting water after a swim for example, you might find it useful to do this before you even dip a toe in the pool too. By doing so, the watch screen is temporarily locked, preventing it from mistaking water droplets for your finger tip and opening a number of different apps.

To manually eject the water, swipe you finger upwards from the bottom of the screen to bring up your Control Center. Look for the little droplet icon and tap on it. You will then be asked to twist the digital crown on the side of your watch to eject the water.

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Bonus Tip – Making Your Apple Watch Work Better Left-handed

The Apple Watch comes out of the box ready to be worn on the left wrist which will suit most right handed users (and some left handed people who like to wear their watch on that wrist!)as it leaves you able to control it with your right hand.

The problem with simply wearing the Apple Watch on your right wrist is that the digital crown and button are on the opposite side making in cumbersome to use. There is a simple way to solve this problem and we want to show you how!

If you try to just flip the Apple Watch round so that the digital crown and button are on the side of the watch you touch with your forefinger you will notice a big problem. The watch face will be upside down! You can actually change the settings on your Apple watch to allow it to face the correct way up allowing it to be worn comfortably on your right wrist which will suit a lot of left handed people perfectly.

To make this change you need to head to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Once in the app, scroll down the page until your see the option titled General and tap on this option. Within the next list of options find the one titled Watch Orientation and tap on this to go to the the next level of settings.

You will now find yourself on a page showing you all of the options that allow you to choose which wrist to wear your watch on. To change any of the settings you simply need to tap the option you want to choose. So now you are free to decide which wrist to wear your watch on and which side you are going to have the digital crown on.

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