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Our 99p Deal of the Week is here!

This week we are launching a brand new offer: The 99p Deal of the Week. Each Monday of each week we will be offering you the chance to buy a digital guidebook for less the £1, from photography to Windows 10, Google to Photoshop, there is sure to be something new to learn!

Each offer lasts just a week, changing again on the next Monday, so if you want to take advantage of this incredible saving, be sure to check the Offers page regularly.

This Week – Outdoor Photography Tricks and Tips

This week we are offering Outdoor Photography Tricks and Tips, a full guidebook designed to help you get more from your photos, every time you click the shutter button. This digital guidebook contains over 90 full-colour pages, featuring step-by-step guides to outdoor photography, from photographing sporting events, to capturing panoramas and nature.

Grab your camera and head outside. What’s stopping you from enjoying photography in the great outdoors? Whether it’s just in your back garden, or out in the rugged countryside, this essential guide has all the hints, tips and project guides you need to free up your creativity and get more out of your outdoor photography. From the most intimate macro shots, to great landscapes, it’s all here.

Click here to buy Outdoor Photography Tricks and Tips for £0.99

Coming Soon

In coming weeks we will be offering guidebooks to everything from Online Security to Adobe Lightroom.

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Russ Ware

Russ has been testing, reviewing and writing guides for tech since the heady days of Windows 95 and the Sega Saturn. A self-confessed (and proud) geek about all things tech, if it has LED's, a screen, beeps or has source code, Russ will want to master it (and very likely take it apart to see how it works...)

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