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In the eight years since CyberGhost was founded, it has repeatedly remained one of the best VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) available. Now with the release of version 7 of its client, we look to see if the company can still retain its top-spot in an overwhelming and crowded market.

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Based in Romania, CyberGhost is a VPN solution that offers the user a high level of internet privacy and anonymity. It operates across 90 countries around the world, in 112 locations and with nearly 6,000 servers to its name. Further to this, the company runs a no-logging policy, whereby your internet activity when using one of the CyberGhost servers isn’t recorded; however, a connection attempt log is established to monitor the number of devices using the CyberGhost account.


With a CyberGhost account you’re able to connect with up to seven different devices simultaneously. These include Windows, macOS and Linux desktops, but also Android and iOS, Chrome and Firefox browser apps, Amazon Fire Stick and Android TVs, and even a wide range of routers.

The established connection is protected to the tune of 256-bit AES Encryption with a 4096-bit RSA Key and a TLS v1.2 certificate signed with SHA256. This makes CyberGhost one of the most encrypted VPNs, and when combined with the no-log policy, certainly one of safest for those who want internet freedom and privacy. Couple this with unlimited bandwidth and traffic, DNS and IP leak protection, and an automatic Kill Switch (a feature that ensure your privacy by automatically shutting off your internet connection should the connection to the VPN be dropped).


CyberGhost’s pricing has changed a lot over the years. Obviously costs can rise and fall depending on external factors, deals and sales, but at the time of writing you can enjoy a 3-year contract for just £2.10 per month (£75.60 billed every 3 years), a single month for £10.29, 1 year for £4.59 per month (£55.08 billed annually), and 2 years for £3.09 per month (£74.1 billed every two years). Overall, it’s very reasonable and probably one of the cheapest VPNs available – considering the amount of privacy protection that’s in place.

Version 7 Client

The newly released version 7 CyberGhost client (we’re using Windows 10 for this review), is radically different from its previous model. Gone is the tiled approach of the version 6 client, to be replaced with an all-in-one window that expands from a corner-side pop-up.

The initial pop-up displays the CyberGhost logo, an animated connection switch, and a drop-down menu displaying the most used, favourite, and available servers. Click the double arrow icon to the side, and the app opens out to reveal the default view of the available servers. From here you’re able to choose a server based on distance from your current location and its user load in percentage. Find one that’s close enough while still offering a low load, and you can click the star icon to mark it as a favourite and have it available from the initial pop-up.

Other options can be accessed from a handy menu to the far left of the fully opened window. You can pick servers that are tweaked for torrenting or for streaming content only available to certain countries. There’s an option for Smart Rules, that allows you to auto-start CyberGhost when Windows boots up, protects your WiFi, add exceptions, and even App Protection – a feature that will automatically start a CyberGhost connection to a specified server whenever you open a pre-defined app.

With the Connection Features option, you’re able to add an extra layer of privacy by actively blocking ads, blocking malicious websites, block online tracking, and compress data on metered connections. You’re also able to get to your basic account information from within the new client, displaying the number of days left for your subscription, and the number of devices it is currently active on.


One of the issues when using a VPN is the drop in connection speed. This happens with most, if not all, VPN services, and it’s down to a number of factors: encryption, routing, server locations etc. There’s a trade-off when wanting total privacy, and that’s speed.

While you may not be surfing at the full speed of your internet connection, CyberGhost does an excellent job of limiting the trade-off.

speed comparison

As you can see from the speed tests we ran, the one on the left is without CyberGhost enabled while the one on the right is with CyberGhost activated. We chose a London-based server, that closely matched the ping of the test without CyberGhost.

Without CyberGhost we managed 34.92Mb/s download and 12.12Mb/s upload, which is reasonable for our current location. With CyberGhost active the download dropped to just 32.24Mb/s while the upload was 11.13Mb/s. In short, it’s more than enough for us to download and stream online content.

Obviously these speeds will be subject to the location of the CyberGhost server you’re attached to. Pick a server on the other side of the planet and you’re going to see a significant increase in the ping and subsequently a further drop in the download and upload speeds. However, your IP address will be geo-located to that part of the world, which is one of the reasons why we use a VPN.

Total Privacy

In an age when our digital privacy is continually at risk, using a VPN has become a necessity. CyberGhost’s service is by far one of the best we’ve ever tested, and in the many years we’ve used it we’ve never come across any issues.

The new client does take some getting used to, however, it’s well presented and runs smoothly. Everything you need is to hand, or just a couple of clicks away, and swapping servers and countries takes very little time.

Connection to a server can take anywhere from a couple of seconds to nearly a minute – the longer connection was made to a long distance server with a heavy load. But the overall connection speeds were more than acceptable, and more than enough to enjoy streaming and content from other countries.

Overall, CyberGhost is a fantastic VPN service. It’s easy to use, effective, fast and highly recommended.

CyberGhost 7
  • Overall


Top tier privacy and anonymity, fast servers and excellent geo-coverage. The best VPN available.

– 256-bit AES Encryption
– No Logs Policy
– Automatic Kill Switch
– Simultaneous use of up to seven devices
– 45-day money back guarantee
– Unlimited bandwidth and traffic

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