Creating & Using Memojis on iPhone

Rather than an animation of animals and fantasy creatures, a Memoji is a representation of you. You can design them to look like you and use them as both stickers and animoji. With iOS 13 there are new features such as eye shadow, lipstick, piercings, teeth, earrings and even AirPods, but as Memojis need a TrueDepth camera, only iPhones with Face ID can use them.

Creating a Memoji

Open the Messages app. Tap the monkey in the app drawer for the Animojis and scroll them all the way to the right until you see the Plus icon. Tap it to start your Memoji. Note: if the monkey isn’t there, your iPhone is likely too old to use Memojis.

Under a blank face you see a slider. Using this slider, the colour options and diagrams, build your Memoji any way you wish. Choose a hairstyle and colour, add glasses if you wear them, and more. You can make as many Memojis as you like.

When you’re finished, tap Done. Your Memoji is added to your Animoji collection, from where it can be used in the usual way, just as if it was a regular Animoji. You can use it as a sticker, an animated emoji or in the FaceTime app for video chat.

Using Your Memoji

Next to the Memoji, on the left, is an icon showing three dots. Tap it and you can edit your Memoji, duplicate it so you can edit it while keeping the original or delete it.

You record with a Memoji in exactly the same way as you do with an Animoji. First of all, select your Memoji and tap the red record button to the bottom right of the Memoji.

Record up to 30 seconds of speech, with the Memoji following your expressions. When you’re done, tap the blue arrow to use the message or the bin to delete it.

You can use a Memoji (or indeed an Animoji) as a sticker too. Just navigate to your Memoji, pull the required face and then tap it to add it to your regular text message.

Alternatively, tap and hold your Memoji and drag it onto your message. While it’s stuck to your finger, you can resize and rotate it before attaching it to your message.

Both the FaceTime app and the Messages camera feature have a star-shaped icon (bottom left) that lets you add effects, including your Memojis, to your pics and videos.

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