Instagram Tips & Tricks – Creating Boomerangs

The Boomerang feature has proved to be one of the most popular elements of Instagram but what exactly is it? Just like an actual boomerang, which when thrown returns, an Instagram Boomerang plays a video forward, then backward in an endless loop.

Step 1 – As Boomerangs are a part of the Story feature of Instagram, you need to launch a new Story: tap the plus icon in the bottom right of your profile picture or swipe in from the left of the screen. Once in Story mode, slide the options at the bottom of the screen to the right until you come to Boomerang.

Step 2 – The icons along the bottom represent the following, from left to right: gallery, camera flash, take Boomerang, change camera, add face filters. Naturally, you can add a video you’ve already taken from the device’s Gallery; otherwise tap and hold the middle button with the symbol for infinity to start filming your Boomerang.

Step 3 – Boomerangs work by taking bursts of photos, speeding them up, then playing them forward and backward to create a 20-frame video. It’s recommended that you have a steady hand or if possible, place your mobile device on a stand or tripod.

Step 4 – Once the 20-frames have finished recording Instagram processes the content and as with any other Story, ask you to Share it with individuals, groups or as a new Story on your profile. You can then view the Boomerang by tapping your profile picture. Followers who have seen the Boomerang are listed in the bottom left of the screen.

Viewing Other User’s Boomerangs

Boomerangs are part of a user’s Story, so unless you’re viewing that user or are a follower, you’re limited to viewing their Boomerangs. However, if you open the Explore tab and search for Boomerang, you can find the relevant hashtag to open. In here are other users’ hashtagged Boomerangs for you to discover.

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