Connecting and Using Your Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung have made connecting and using the Galaxy Bud earphones fairly easy, but if you are having problems getting started with these amazing little earbuds, here's a quick guide to connecting and using the Galaxy Buds Pro headphones.

Connecting Your Galaxy Buds

To connect your earbuds to a smartphone, install the Galaxy Wearable app on the smartphone. You can download the app from the Galaxy Store or the Google Play store. Galaxy Wearable is compatible with select devices using Android 7.0 and later with at least 1.5 GB RAM.

Open the charging case to enter Bluetooth pairing mode. You can also enter Bluetooth pairing mode while wearing the earbuds by pressing and holding the left and right touch areas on the earbuds at the same time.

From the Apps screen of the smartphone, tap Galaxy Wearable. If necessary, update the app to the latest version. Tap Get started and select your device.

Follow the prompts to complete the connection. When connecting earbuds with a mobile device that has a Samsung account, the earbud pairing information will be synced to other devices that use the same Samsung account.

galaxy buds pro touch

Using the touch controls

You can use the touch area on the earbuds to control your music, phone calls, and other useful shortcuts without getting out your phone.

Single tap – Lightly tap the touch pad one time for the following options:

  • Play a track
  • Pause a track

Double tap – Quickly tap the touch pad two times for the following options:

  • Play the next track
  • Answer or end a call
  • Place the current call on hold and answer a second incoming call
  • Switch between a current call and a call placed on hold

Triple tap – Quickly tap the touch pad three times for the following options:

  • Play previous track
  • Start the current track over at the beginning

Touch and hold – Touch and hold the touch pad for the following options:

  • Activate a custom shortcut (created in the Samsung Wearables app)
  • Decline a call
  • Turn the microphone on or off during a call
  • Retrieve a called placed on hold after ending the current call

Coupling earbuds

If you lose one of the earbuds, you can buy a replacement and couple the old and new earbuds together.

Insert the earbuds into the charging case. The earbud battery indicator light will flash red to indicate that the earbuds are not coupled.

Tap and hold the touch area on both earbuds for seven seconds or more. When the earbud batter indicator light flashes green and then turns off, the earbuds are coupled and ready for use.

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