Connect Your Phone to a Windows 10 PC

You can connect an iOS or Android phone to your Microsoft account and Windows 10, allowing you to view the photos on your phone from the comfort of your desktop, and even see call and SMS details on your computer as they arrive on you phone. Connecting is fairly simple for iOS and, as shown here, for Android devices.

Step 1 – Open the Settings and look for the “Phone” option. Click the link and then click the “Add a phone” button on the next screen. The Your Phone app will then open in a new window. You can also get to the app directly from the link at the bottom of the apps list in the Start menu.

connect phone to windows pc 1

Step 2 – In the right-hand sidebar, click on the type of phone you have (Android or iPhone) and then click “Continue”. Yet another window will open showing your Microsoft account. To link your phone to your PC, you will need to enter your phone number here (if not already in your account).

Step 3 – Make sure you use the correct country code (e.g. +44 if in the UK) and then click the “Send” button. Within a few seconds, you should receive an SMS message on your phone from Microsoft. Click on the link in the message and, if asked, allow the companion app to take photos.

connect phone to windows pc 2

Step 4 – Meanwhile, on your computer screen, you should see a new window open, showing a QR code. This needs to be scanned using the companion app now open on your phone. Again, you may be asked to allow certain app permissions on your phone. If you decline, you can’t connect your devices.

Step 5 – If all is successful, you should now see your phone displayed in the Your Phone app on your computer. There will also be a new screen displayed on your phone, showing the settings for the Microsoft companion app, and which Windows 10 computer it is connected to.

connect phone to windows pc 3

Step 6 – Now it’s time to start using the Your Mobile app. In the left-hand sidebar you will see several different sections. These include Photos, Messages, Notifications and Phone Screen. Each part of the app will need to be enabled to begin using it, so you don’t have to allow full access if you don’t want to.

Step 7 – Click on Messages first, and then click the “See texts” button. When asked, send the notification to your phone to ask permission to access messages (if already given, this will just open the messages list). Your phone messages will now be displayed, and you can click on any to read and reply.

Step 8 – If you want to be able to see notifications from your phone on your PC screen, you need to click on Notifications and then click “Get Started”. You again need to allow this on your phone settings, which can be opened by clicking the button on the screen in the Your Phone app.

Step 9 – To view photos stored on your phone from the comfort of your PC, click the Photos section. Allow access as before, and then wait while the view refreshes. The most recent 25 images captured on your phone will now be displayed. You can open them in the Photos app by clicking on them.

connect phone to windows pc 4

Step 10 – The Phone Screen option allows you to mirror your phone screen on your PC, seeing everything that is happening on your mobile device in the live fed of the Your phone app. If you want to fine-tune any of the settings, click the settings button at the bottom of the sidebar in the Your Phone app.

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