Coding for Beginners Guide Books from BDM

Coding for Beginners guide books, designed to make it easier to get started with some of the most popular programming languages around!

If you are looking for easy-to-follow tutorials that will introduce you to, and then increase your knowledge of, coding and programming, then these guide books are for you! Packed with step-by-step guides, designed to ease you in to the world of coding, every page will help you increase your coding knowledge. Our coding for beginners titles are written by experienced coders, but squarely aimed at those completely new to messing around with code. Each guide book contains hundreds of tutorials, tips and guides, all illustrated by high-quality images and code examples, making getting started as easy as 1-2-3.

Make the Coding for Beginners guide books your first stop on your programming journey, and you will soon be on your way to being a fully-fledged coder, able to design simple games, delve in to Scratch and Python, and even code with Windows 10 batch files!

High-quality, informative and packed with tutorials!

Each of the Coding for Beginners guide books is printed on high-quality gloss paper to make the most of the images inside. Each contains between 146 and 192 pages, for as little as £9.99 (excl. P&P), making them an extremely good value package, especially when compared to similar guide books on the market.

Added value comes in the form of the completely free files we offer for download from our website (details can be found inside those guide books where it applies), making it possible to follow and learn the coding tutorials using exactly the same files we have used.

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