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  • beginners windows security

    Beginners Guide to Windows 10 Privacy

    Being in control of security on your computer is important but almost as important is being able to control your privacy settings. Microsoft recently launched a web-based privacy dashboard tool and this has now become…

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  • solve windows network problems

    How to Solve Windows Network Problems

    Locating and diagnosing networking problems can be one of more difficult and frustrating issues that face the computer user. While it’s easy enough to simply restart the computer, thus restarting all the core services, the…

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  • hiding cookie popups

    Hide Those Annoying Pop-Up Cookie Notices

    Cookie warnings are usually in the form of a popup that appears the first time you visit a website, and although useful for tackling privacy issues, can be annoying.

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  • 5 Great Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

    Professional quality image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, can be very expensive. Luckily, there are actually a lot of different options out there which cost nothing and give you access to some very impressive…

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  • Email and Child Safety4

    Teaching Your Kids To Use Email Safely

    We’re often so concerned over social media, online gaming and chat sites that we tend to ignore one of the most common threats to online safety for young people and children, email. Whilst it’s a…

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  • Dealing With Spam in Gmail

    Gmail is fairly good at catching spam as it arrives in your inbox and will generally move it to a dedicated spam folder automatically.

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  • improve wifi range and speed

    Easy Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Range and Speed

    Are you plagued by slow wireless Internet speeds? Does your Wi-Fi drop out at the worst possible times? Smart TV spending more time buffering than streaming your favourite shows? Then it sounds like you need…

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  • extreme windows security

    10 Extreme Windows 10 Security Tips

    There are numerous ways and means to greatly improve Windows 10’s security and privacy. Precisely how secure and private you want to get is purely down to you. You can opt for better than average…

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  • free software safely

    Find and Install Free Software Safely

    Finding free software is relatively easy but finding free software that doesn't fill your PC with junk or farm your details and sell them off to the highest bidder is a little harder. That is…

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  • Edge Chromium Browser

    How to Get The New Edge Browser Today

    The latest version of Edge, Edge Chromium, is a major change and offers a much better browsing experience. Based on Google Chrome browser, Edge is focused on modern web standards, privacy and security, and boasts…

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  • Windows-10 fresh start

    Windows Performance Problems? Try a Fresh Start

    Refreshing and resetting your Windows 10 PC are two very different things and you should always make sure you know which is the best choice to solve your current problem.

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  • speed up windows start

    Easily Speed Up Windows 10 Start-Up

    Windows 10 launches pretty quickly when it's newly installed but as you install more apps it may slow down over time. Luckily it is fairly easy to manage which apps and programs open on launch…

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  • windows7 support ended

    Windows 7 Support Has Officially Ended – Now What?

    If you have been clinging on to the much-loved Windows 7 on your PC, resisting the many reasons to upgrade to Windows 10, this might be the point when you should start to reconsider. Microsoft…

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  • free software really free

    Is Free Software Really Free?

    Very little of any real value is completely free these days and software is no exception. There are various levels of “free” within the software industry, from Freemium to Ad-supported. Here we will explain the…

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  • email clients for windows

    4 Brilliant Email Clients for Windows 10

    While many people now prefer the ease of webmail services such as Gmail, there are still a lot of benefits of having email client software installed on your computer. The email app that comes with…

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