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  • mobile security tips

    8 Tips For Securing Your Mobile Device

    Keeping your mobile device secure isn’t too much of a tall order. In fact, it’s remarkably easy. You needn’t spend too long, and invest a lot to secure it either. Here are eight quick tips…

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  • Master the Latest Version of the Edge Browser

    Microsoft hasn’t had an easy time when it comes to its flagship web browser. There’s been lawsuits, problems with security, outdated technologies, a change of name… the list goes on. However, there’s more to the…

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  • Struggling With Track & Trace QR Codes?

    QR codes are increasingly being used as a quick way to allow people to sign into venues, bars and restaurants, in an effort to allow easier tracking and tracing in the event of a Covid-19…

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  • wiring ethernet cable

    How to Correctly Wire an Ethernet Cable

    Although you can buy Ethernet cables of differing lengths, there may come a time when you need one that’s a specific size. Similarly, if you ever come across a cable with a broken end, you’ll…

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  • How to Use a NAS as a Cloud Server

    While creating your own cloud server is a great solution to an online offering, it's not always practical, secure, cost-effective, or easy to manage. NAS, Network Attached Storage, drives are a far better solution. They’re…

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  • Cloud Computing – Green Cloud Providers

    Although powering a huge datacentre may not appear to be very ‘green’, the environmental costs of cloud computing have been assessed by Sustainablebrands.com and found to be of benefit to those businesses looking to reduce…

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  • what is wifi

    WiFi – What Is It, How Does It Work?

    It’s not that long ago when wireless communications across the network was akin to witchcraft. At the time we had coaxial cables networking everything, then Ethernet, and then WiFi began to emerge, and it was…

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  • Switches3

    Router Switches – What Are They, How Do They Work?

    Most modern routers contain at least a four-port switch built into the back of the unit. These ports allow for physical, Ethernet, connection to the router from networked devices. But what are they, and how…

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  • Routers what do they do

    Routers – What Are They & How Do They Work?

    Every Internet connected home, office, and multi-site megacorporation in the world uses a router to connect to the Internet. The router is the bridge that gaps your home network to the wider world of the…

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  • improve wifi security

    Improve Your WiFi Security

    Most routers from an ISP have a reasonable amount of protection enabled by default, however, as with most things of a technical nature, it’s possible to improve this further. Here are our top ten tips…

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  • troubleshoot wired connection

    Troubleshooting Your Wired Internet Connection

    Wired networks are often a lot more sturdy compared to a wireless network, but they’re not bulletproof. Thankfully, problems can easily be fixed, so here are our top ten troubleshooting tips for solving wired network…

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  • Network Extenders

    Network Extenders – What are they, how do they work?

    If the cabling option, together with powerline adapters, doesn’t work for you, then you can easily expand the reach of your WiFi network by utilising wireless extenders. They’re cost-effective and easy to setup.

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  • slow wifi networks

    Troubleshooting Slow WiFi Networks

    WiFi is like electricity, you only notice it when it’s not working. Then panic begins to set in. Thankfully, there’s no need to, as most WiFi issues can easily be fixed with a few simple…

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  • Powerline-adaptors

    Improve WiFi Range with a Powerline Adaptor

    If you’re using a mixture of computer and other devices that only connect to your network via Ethernet cables, and you don’t want to run metres of cable around your home, then you’re going to…

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  • solve windows network problems

    How to Solve Windows Network Problems

    Locating and diagnosing networking problems can be one of more difficult and frustrating issues that face the computer user. While it’s easy enough to simply restart the computer, thus restarting all the core services, the…

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