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  • android virus warning

    A Billion Android Devices at Risk From Viruses

    As many as 40% of Android users may no longer be receiving security updates for their devices, a huge figure that could equate to more than a billion phones and tablets (worldwide) being left unprotected…

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  • MetaVRse – Interview

    Could virtual and augmented reality be the future of learning? Alan Smithson, founder and CEO of MetaVRse, certainly thinks so. We caught up with him for a chat.

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  • £1.2 Billion Supercomputer for the Met Office

    The UK Government announced a £1.2 billion investment for the Met Office to develop one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers dedicated to weather and climate. It will be bigger and faster than the Met…

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  • Staying Safe when Gaming Online - Advice for your Child

    Keeping Kids Safe When Gaming Online

    We’ve looked at the safety concerns of online gaming, but what can we as parents and guardians do to help keep our young gamers safe? Thankfully, it’s nothing too drastic, just a little common sense…

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  • Your Child and Online Gaming is it safe2

    Your child and Online Gaming – Is it Safe?

    Gaming has taken some interesting leaps in technology since the days of feeding money into the arcade cabinets. However, with those advances comes a new level of online concerns for parents and guardians.

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  • future computing

    Extreme computing science, and what the future holds

    Just before New Year’s day, we were watching an episode of Tomorrow’s World, the BBC production that loosely predicted future technology. Filmed in 1989, the show presented the home of 2020, and considering its age,…

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  • msdos

    Even More DOS Gaming

    The Internet Archive has always impressed us with its vast volumes of historic technical data. From movies to web pages, audio files to text documents, and software to gaming, there are billions of collection in…

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  • gaming gadgets 2020

    Perfect Gadgets for Gamers in 2020

    Over the next few weeks, we’re on a mission to track down what’s new for your favourite devices, including this collection of everything a gamer could wish for.

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  • coding-image

    Happy UK Developers

    In a recent survey, it’s been discovered that some of the most content developers are from the UK, and that many of them are self-taught.

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  • weird gadgets apple

    9 Pretty Weird Apple Gadgets

    Are you craving a smart egg steamer? Need a min jet fan? We take a look at some seriously eye-popping peripherals for your Apple gear and wonder just who came up with such barking mad…

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  • Is Quantum The Future of Computing?

    Although we’re building processors, motherboards and other forms of computing technology to a finer degree than we ever have possibly imagined just a few years ago, the scientists and engineers behind all this are starting…

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  • Videogame Stamps

    Classic Video Games Stamps

    Royal Mail will soon be issuing a new set of stamps that celebrates the rich history of the British video game industry. From Dizzy to Worms, these 12 stamps will trace the history of the…

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  • best speakers for 2020

    Best Speakers & Headphones for 2020

    What do you need for your computer? Do you want a new widget for your smartphone, or a wotsit for your tablet? And what about your smartwatch, or other tech gear? We’re on a mission…

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  • gadgets-roundup

    The Best Gadget Cases, Sleeves & Bags for 2020

    What do you need for your computer? Do you want a new widget for your smartphone, or a wotsit for your tablet? And what about your smartwatch, or other tech gear? If you’re thinking of…

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  • history of video game cheats

    A Brief History of Video Game Cheats

    If at first you don’t succeed, cheat! For as long as video games have been around, there’s been a way to cheat the system; to give you infinite lives, unlimited energy, more weapons, full ammo…

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