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  • fortnite-guide-for-parents

    Fortnite – A Parents’ Guide

    You have probably heard about Fortnite, how could you not have? While players love it, parents may be less than enthusiastic. There have been numerous reports of parents discovering their children are being groomed, and…

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  • Unsung Heroes of the Computing World

    The history of home computing is filled with glittering stars like the Spectrum, BBC, Commodore 64, Atari ST and the Amiga, but not every micro of yesteryear is equally well celebrated. Let’s take a look…

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  • internet radio 1

    25 Years of Internet Radio

    On 7th November 1994, WXYC became the first radio station to simultaneously broadcast over the Internet. Let’s look back at this historic milestone, and celebrate a quarter of a century of online streaming broadcasts.

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  • iphone 5 deadline

    iOS Update Deadline is About to Hit

    If you own an iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad Retina Display or 4th-generation iPad, make sure you’re running iOS 9.3.6 or 10.3.4 or above. If you’re not, you could run into trouble in…

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  • Collapse OS

    Collapse OS – The End is Nigh

    Turn on the news and what have you got? Doom and gloom, wars and rumours of wars, famine and the collapse of the economy, Brexit, and there’s usually something hurtling through space toward us. The…

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  • iPhone-XFold-concept

    What to Expect from the iPhone 12

    With the 11-series iPhones on the shelves, the rumour mill is already looking towards the iPhone 12. But what changes will it make?

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  • iOS 13 Released

    The date most iPhone fans wait all year for is here, with the release of the latest version of iOS, followed closely by the launch of the latest, hotly anticipated iPhone devices tomorrow. First announced…

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  • Gaming5

    Things From Games We Wish We Had in Real Life

    The gaming world has brought many wonderful things. We can effortlessly climb the tallest mountain to stand on its peak gazing out unto all creation; we can immerse ourselves in the broken, dystopian aftermath of…

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  • PiSky2

    Pi In The Sky

    Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) has today released an image and video of the Earth, as seen through the fish-eye lens of an orbiting Raspberry Pi Zero.

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  • spy phone conspiracy

    The Spy Phone Conspiracy

    There’s a modern conspiracy theory that suggests that our smart phones are listening to our conversations, and uploading and transmitting those conversations to nefarious agencies.

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  • Windows 10 Retro Videogame Remakes

    When we look back on the games that we played in our youth, with a nostalgic tear forming in our eye, what was it that made them so endearing? Was it the playability?

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  • linux-lite

    Linux Lite 4.6 Out Now

    Released just a couple of days ago, Linux Lite 4.6 sees this lightweight distro take on a few new extras and a brand new look.

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  • Microsoft Trims Its FAT

    There is some good news from the open source frontlines: Microsoft is getting ready to free its exFAT patent to the Open Invention Network.

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  • FRITZ!Box – What It Is and Why You Need One

    What’s a FRITZ!Box, and why do you need one? If you’re still confused about what this premium Wi-Fi router is and what it can do for you, take a look here.

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  • debian-ubuntu

    Debian and Ubuntu to remove Python 2 packages

    Python 2 is set to reach its end of life on January 1st 2020, a mere four months away now. As such, Debian and ultimately Ubuntu will be looking to drop the current Python 2…

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