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  • The Nintendo Entertainment System – A Fresh Perspective

    Retro gaming, just saying those words gives people of a certain age that comforting nostalgic glow! But what if you remove that nostalgia and place the joypad into the hands of current gen gamer. One…

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  • autism and AAC

    6 Recommenced Apps for Autistic Children & Carers

    One of the great aspects of our modern state of technology is its ability to reach all people, specifically those with autism. Autism affects how people communicate and interact with the world around them, and…

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  • retrogames

    Mobile Retro Gamer

    Over the last few years interest in retro gaming has steadily increased, and with the release of smaller retro hardware from the likes Nintendo and SEGA, and soon to be Atari, it shows no signs…

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  • kill time at home

    6 Alternative Ways to Kill Time at Home

    With many of us now on lockdown, or working from home, there’s a worry that a lot of people may become bored, and possibly even more anxious. With that in mind, we’ve got six great…

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  • worst computers

    The Worst Computers of All Time

    The humble desktop computer has evolved quite a lot in the last thirty-plus years. Gone are the beige, toilet-coloured boxes with chunky monitor and wrist-thick cables, to be replaced by impressive, almost dominating black boxes…

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  • what is wifi

    WiFi – What Is It, How Does It Work?

    It’s not that long ago when wireless communications across the network was akin to witchcraft. At the time we had coaxial cables networking everything, then Ethernet, and then WiFi began to emerge, and it was…

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  • Apple’s Greatest Failures

    Despite the dominating power of Apple, it’s not infallible. Believe it or not, the Cupertino company has had its share of mistakes and failures over the years. From pre-installing U2’s Songs of Innocence album, to…

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  • Worst Games Consoles of All Time

    We live in a world where there’s really only three players in the games console market: Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. However, in the past, there was a time when we had the likes of Sega,…

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  • Switches3

    Router Switches – What Are They, How Do They Work?

    Most modern routers contain at least a four-port switch built into the back of the unit. These ports allow for physical, Ethernet, connection to the router from networked devices. But what are they, and how…

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  • Microsoft’s Greatest Failures

    Behind every successful company there’s always a few mishaps it would rather everyone forgot. Microsoft, despite being the top name in desktop computing, isn’t immune to the laws of failure, so we thought we’d have…

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  • favourite podcasts

    Ten Podcasts We Recommend You Check Out

    Podcasts are big, and have been for some time, with thousands of comedians, broadcasters, celebrities and even ordinary joe's taking to the airwaves to comment and talk about life, love, death, taxes, and almost everything…

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  • Routers what do they do

    Routers – What Are They & How Do They Work?

    Every Internet connected home, office, and multi-site megacorporation in the world uses a router to connect to the Internet. The router is the bridge that gaps your home network to the wider world of the…

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  • Special Offers and Freebies While Social Distancing

    Staying at home while the coronavirus burns itself out is no fun. But if you’re running out of things to do, there’s a wealth of special offers out there, made especially for self isolation, to…

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  • working from home

    BDM Guide to Working From Home

    The COVID-19 pandemic has many of us working from home, and trying to adapt to a new working environment. For some it’s an easy transition from the office to home, but for many it can…

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  • youtube workouts

    Keep Fit With These YouTube Exercise Videos

    While we’re currently stuck at home, getting the required exercise we need is going to prove challenging; that also includes the kids. Those experienced enough are able to come up with their own isolation workout…

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