• weird gadgets apple

    9 Pretty Weird Apple Gadgets

    Are you craving a smart egg steamer? Need a min jet fan? We take a look at some seriously eye-popping peripherals for your Apple gear and wonder just who came up with such barking mad…

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  • best speakers for 2020

    Best Speakers & Headphones for 2020

    What do you need for your computer? Do you want a new widget for your smartphone, or a wotsit for your tablet? And what about your smartwatch, or other tech gear? We’re on a mission…

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  • BDM’s Game of the Year 2019

    From battling dragons and hi-octane first-person shooters to retro classics reborn and naughty geese, 2019 has been a fantastic year for gamers. Here we will be looking at the very best games we have had…

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  • appletvplus

    Apple TV+ – Is It Worth It?

    Is Apple's new adventure into the realm of streaming media a most excellent one?

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  • gadgets-roundup

    The Best Gadget Cases, Sleeves & Bags for 2020

    What do you need for your computer? Do you want a new widget for your smartphone, or a wotsit for your tablet? And what about your smartwatch, or other tech gear? If you’re thinking of…

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  • orb retro arcade machine

    Orb 2 Player Retro Arcade Machine – Review

    The collection of retro goodies from Orb and Thumbs UP UK continues with the release of its 2 Player Retro Arcade Machine: a nostalgic, arcade cabinet look-alike, that’s packed with over 300 games, and offers…

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  • Roku Premiere

    Roku Premiere – Review

    Do you want 4K streaming with support for Netflix, NowTV and more for just £40? Roku’s mid-level streaming device may be just the thing you’re looking for.

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  • SetApp Main Screen

    Setapp – Review

    SetApp is like Netflix or Readly for software. You pay a set monthly fee, for which you get unlimited access to over 150 apps.

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  • MINIX NEO G41V-4

    MINIX NEO G41V-4 – Review

    MINIX has recently launched two new mini-PC systems: the NEO J50C-4, and the NEO G41V-4. The former was powered by a Pentium Silver J5005 CPU, whereas the latter features a Celeron N4100; but the differences…

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  • Call-of-Duty-Mobile

    Call of Duty Mobile – Review

    Publisher: Activision Website: Price: Free Compatibility: iOS 9 or later The Call of Duty franchise has made somewhere in the region of $15 billion. $15 BILLION! That’s simply an unbelievable amount, and it’s testament…

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  • ice tower cooling fan

    RPi Ice Tower Cooling Fan – Review

    While the Raspberry Pi 4 is an impressive upgrade from its previous generations, most users have come across one flaw in particular: it gets a little bit hot. Don’t worry though, there’s a solution available…

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  • MarioKartTour_01

    Mario Kart Tour iOS – Review

    The legendary kart-racing franchise pulls on to the iOS starting grid.

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  • MINIX NEO J50C-4 (1)

    MINIX NEO J50C-4 – Review

    Mini-PC maker, MINIX, has released its long-awaited NEO J50C-4, its most powerful mini computer to date. We take one for a spin, and see how it fares against the company’s already impressive line-up.

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  • sandisk-switch

    SanDisk microSDXC for Nintendo Switch – Review

    With limited storage inside Nintendo’s hybrid console, you’re probably starting to see the various limited space warnings that appear when there’s mere megabytes left. Don’t worry, for a relatively small outlay you can boost the…

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  • fusion pro review

    PowerA Fusion Pro Wired Controller – Review

    US based gaming company, PowerA, has a long history of producing hard working, high performance and quality gaming accessories. Covering Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo and PCs, there’s something for every type of gamer within the PowerA…

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