• python-comments

    Python 101 – Using Comments in Python

    When writing your code, the flow, what each variable does, how the overall program will operate and so on, is all inside your head. Another programmer could follow the code line by line, but when…

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  • why choose python

    Why Choose Python?

    There are many different programming languages available for the modern computer, and some still available for older 8 and 16-bit computers too. Some of these languages are designed for scientific work, others for mobile platforms…

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  • numbers-and-expressions

    Python 101 – Numbers and Expressions

    You can get some really impressive results from the mathematical powers of Python, as maths is the driving force behind the code with most, if not all, programming languages.

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  • python gaming

    Python in Focus – Gaming

    Although not always considered as the ideal programming language for developing games, Python has come a long way in recent years and is now one of the contributing elements to a huge number of titles.

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  • virtual machine

    Using a Virtual Machine When Coding

    A Virtual Machine allows you to run an entire operating system from within an app on your desktop. This way, you’re able to host multiple systems in a secure, safe and isolated environment. In short,…

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  • Python on the Pi1

    Using Raspberry Pi for Python Coding

    If you’re considering on which platform to install and use Python, then give some thought to one of the best coding bases available: the Raspberry Pi. The Pi has many advantages for the coder: it’s…

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  • python 101 first code

    Python 101 – Writing and Executing Your First Code

    Learn how to write, save and execute your first piece of Python code. Here we look at entering your code, experimenting with some other Python examples, and then saving and executing your code.

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  • python on linux

    How to Install Python in Linux

    While the Raspberry Pi’s operating system contains the latest, stable version of Python, other Linux distros don’t come with Python 3 pre-installed. If you’re not going down the Pi route, then here’s how to check…

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  • common beginner python mistakes

    10 Common Beginner Mistakes in Python

    Python is a relatively easy language to get started in where there’s plenty of room for the beginner to find their programming feet. However, as with any other programming language, it can be easy to…

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  • Python 101 – Getting Started with Python Coding

    You can learn Python with very little hardware or initial financial investment. You don’t need an incredibly powerful computer and any software that’s required is freely available.

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  • debian-ubuntu

    Debian and Ubuntu to remove Python 2 packages

    Python 2 is set to reach its end of life on January 1st 2020, a mere four months away now. As such, Debian and ultimately Ubuntu will be looking to drop the current Python 2…

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  • what can you do with python

    What Can You Do With Python?

    Python is an open-source, object-oriented programming language that’s simple to understand and write, yet also powerful and extremely malleable. It’s these characteristics that help make it such an important language to learn.

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  • set up python in windows 10

    How to Set Up Python in Windows 10

    Whilst most seasoned Python developers may shun Windows as the platform of choice for building their code, it’s still an ideal starting point for beginners.

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