• solve windows network problems

    How to Solve Windows Network Problems

    Locating and diagnosing networking problems can be one of more difficult and frustrating issues that face the computer user. While it’s easy enough to simply restart the computer, thus restarting all the core services, the…

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  • 5 Great Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

    Professional quality image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, can be very expensive. Luckily, there are actually a lot of different options out there which cost nothing and give you access to some very impressive…

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  • Email and Child Safety4

    Teaching Your Kids To Use Email Safely

    We’re often so concerned over social media, online gaming and chat sites that we tend to ignore one of the most common threats to online safety for young people and children, email. Whilst it’s a…

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  • boost your Wi-Fi range and speed

    Easy Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Range and Speed

    Are you plagued by slow wireless Internet speeds? Does your Wi-Fi drop out at the worst possible times? Smart TV spending more time buffering than streaming your favourite shows? Then it sounds like you need…

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  • Using macOS’s Desktop Stacks

    If your Mac’s desktop regularly gets cluttered with folders, file icons and other such material that you’re currently working on, there’s a solution at hand in macOS. With a click of your mouse or trackpad,…

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  • History of the Cloud

    History Of Cloud Computing

    Despite the cloud being a fairly new technological term, you may be surprised to discover that the concept behind it can be traced back almost to the very beginnings of the modern computer age.

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  • Using the Continuity Features on Apple Devices

    With a Mac running OS X 10.10 or later, and a mobile device with iPadOS or iOS 8 or later installed, your Apple gear works together seamlessly. You can make and receive calls on your…

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  • using sidecar catalina

    Using Sidecar in macOS Catalina

    If you have a Mac running macOS Catalina and an iPad running iPadOS, you can use your tablet as a second screen for your Mac. This is especially good news if you also use an…

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  • essential mac apps

    Ten Essential Free Mac Apps

    You can download and use all sorts of awesome apps from the Mac App Store and their developers’ own websites, and there are many apps you can get for free. Here’s a roundup of some…

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  • laptop care maintenance

    Laptop Care and Maintenance Tips for Beginners

    Laptops are great! They are small, portable and can be easily put away when not in use. They are not, however, as robust as a desktop, so good care and maintenance is a must if…

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  • macos-catalina

    Best New Features Of macOS 15 Catalina

    The next version of macOS, will be known as macOS 15: Catalina. Once again, it takes its title from a notable place in California. Santa Catalina Island is a beautiful resort 29 miles south-south-west of…

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  • macOS handoff guide

    How to Use Handoff in macOS

    With Handoff, you can start writing an email on your iPhone or other iOS device and you can pick up where you left off on your Mac; or put together a report in Pages on…

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  • free cloud storage

    Get 100GB of Free Cloud Storage

    There are many cloud storage providers, offering both free and paid storage plans, and with a little bit of work, and some organisation, you can get more than 100GB of free cloud storage in a…

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  • backup with time machine

    Backup and Restore with Time Machine

    The Time Machine backup utility is a very important part of the MacOS operating system. It creates incremental backups of your files to a specified location, such as an external hard drive.

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  • protect against ransomware

    Protecting Yourself Against Ransomware

    The frequency, delivery and scale of ransomware attacks has increased significantly; so what is ransomware how, does it work, and how can you defend against it?

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