• linux-mint

    A Brief History of Linux Mint

    Linux Mint’s eleven year history is always worth looking over. It’s fascinating to see how the desktop, and the OS itself, has evolved over time, taking on the latest technologies in both hardware and from…

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  • Cplusplus-linux

    How to Set Up C++ in Linux

    Linux is a great C++ coding environment. Most Linux distros already have the essential components preinstalled, such as a compiler and the text editors are excellent for entering code into, including colour coding; and there’s…

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  • users-in-linux-mint

    How to Create Users in Linux Mint

    When you first install Linux Mint it is configured for use with a single user. While sharing a user account with the entire family is fine, there may come a time when you need to…

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  • install-linux-virtualbox

    How to Install Linux Mint in VirtualBox

    There are plenty of options to choose from when creating a VM. For now though, we will set up a VM adequate to run Mint Cinnamon and perform well.

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  • which-linux-mint-version

    Choosing the Right Version of Linux Mint

    Linux Mint, including the newest version 20.1 Ulyssa, is available in three similar but different versions. Choosing which flavour is right for you depends on what you want to be able to do with Linux,…

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  • What You Need to Install Linux Mint

    The requirements for successfully installing Linux Mint on to a PC are surprisingly low, so even a computer that’s several years old will happily run this distro. However, it’s worth checking you have everything in…

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  • linux-distros-2021

    Best Linux Distros to try for 2021

    Linux has a lot to offer the modern digital pioneer: enhanced security, free use, an OS free from the walled-garden approach of other systems, increased flexibility, and much more. One of its main benefits is…

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  • linux update terminal

    Updating Linux Mint via the Terminal

    Linux Mint gives you the option to click the shield icon to launch Mint Update Manager, in order to update the system and upgrade the currently installed apps, tools and other elements. However, if you…

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  • linux installer windows

    Creating a Linux Installer in Windows 10

    It’s all fine and well talking about how good Linux is but how do you get it on your computer? Installing Linux is remarkably simple but there are several options available to you. One of…

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  • Why We Love Linux Mint (And Why You Will Too!)

    There are countless distributions of Linux available, catering for a vast range of different user types, so why use Linux Mint over another distro? The competition for your attention is quite fierce when it comes…

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  • linux logo

    A Brief History of Linux

    A quick reminisce of Linux distro’s long gone made us think one day about the history of this wonderful OS and its journey over the last couple of decades.

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  • Linux Distros worth trying

    Check Out These 4 Alternative Linux Distros

    The variety of Linux distros is quite staggering at times, and with so many to choose from it’s often difficult to decide which to download and test.

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  • install linux mint on windows pc

    Installing Linux Mint on a PC

    Learn how to install Linux Mint on a Windows PC.

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  • 10 Things To Do After Installing Linux Mint

    Linux Mint 19 runs really well from the moment you install it but there are always a few tweaks and necessary things you can do to help make your installation run a little bit smoother.

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  • Fun Things You Can Do in the Linux Terminal

    Despite the seriousness of an operating system, the Linux community are certainly no strangers to a bit of fun. The developers over the years have created and inserted all manner of fun and odd elements…

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