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  • activate and use siri

    Get More From Siri On Your iPhone

    Siri is a fantastic feature of the iPhone and turns your smartphone into your very own personal assistant, and it’s getting better all the time.

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  • The Best Features of iOS 15

    The forthcoming update to the iPhone’s operating system, iOS 15, is a big one! We can look forward to some great new features and enhancements for FaceTime, Messages, Notifications, Weather, Maps and more. Let’s take…

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  • organise-apps-ios14

    Organising and Deleting Apps in iOS 15

    You can rearrange your app icons and widgets on the screen and delete those you no longer need. You can also offl oad an app, deleting the app itself but retaining its data in case…

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  • Master The Maps App on Your iPhone

    Explore the Maps App 1 – Tap the ‘i’ for the Maps Settings pop-up window, where you can switch between a normal, Transport or Satellite view, mark your location, add a feature or report an…

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  • What To Do If You Are Hacked

    Being the victim of a hack sounds scary to most people, but while you should take it seriously, there is often no need to panic. If you think you have been hacked, just follow the…

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  • New iPad home screen

    The Best Features of iPadOS

    There are already plenty of iPad-only features in iOS, such as multitasking options and some gestures. With the iPad benefitting from its own OS, it can further develop its unique capabilities.

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  • The Best iOS Health and Fitness Apps

    There are some great health and fitness apps for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Here’s a roundup of great apps you’d do well to consider installing and use every day to help keep you…

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  • Quick iPhone Tips for New Owners

    With our help you can check on your battery health, connect to Bluetooth peripherals, send and receive files using AirDrop, check which model of iPhone you have, use more of its great features such as…

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  • update to ipados

    Updating Your iPad to the Latest iPadOS

    Apple regularly releases updates to its operating systems, and the iPad is no exception. If you haven’t yet updated to iPadOS, follow this guide. If you have, keep this tutorial handy for when Apple updates…

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  • apple watch water

    Eject Water from an Apple Watch

    The second, third and fourth generation Apple Watches came with a really useful feature – they are all waterproof. Find out how to eject any water from the watch after being submersed.

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  • Setting Up Apple TV for the First Time

    Setting up your Apple TV isn’t hard, but if you’re new to Apple’s palm-sized video streamer, you might want a little advice. Here’s a guide to getting started with Apple TV, straight out of the…

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  • The Best Star Wars Games on Mobile for iOS & Android

    To be fair, with regards to the Star Wars universe on the big screen, the Mandalorian did breathe some life back into the live-action side of the franchise. And, while many may not be fans…

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  • What’s Coming in watchOS 8 for your Apple Watch?

    Like Apple’s other incoming operating systems, watchOS 8, for the Apple Watch, boasts a range of new features. For those who are into mindfulness, the Breathe app has a new animation, and a new Reflect…

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  • What’s Coming in Apple’s 2021 Health App Update?

    Apple’s range of health tracking features gets a boost in the autumn, with three significant updates to the ways your wellbeing is monitored through your Apple Watch. Mobility data is already collected, but this will be…

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  • 6 Amazing Features in iPadOS 15

    As always, this autumn’s operating system refresh brings new versions of iOS and iPadOS, and as usual, most of the new iOS features also find their way into iPadOS. Check out our article on iOS…

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