• cplusplus-on-mac

    How to Start Using C++ on Mac

    To begin C++ coding on a Mac you can use Apple’s own developer platform: Xcode. This is a free, full featured IDE that’s designed to create native Apple apps. However, it’s also able to be…

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  • 10 Raspberry Pi 400 Projects to Try

    You may think that a Raspberry Pi 4 inside a keyboard would create some limitations, however that’s not the case. Indeed, you won’t be able to utilise the Pi 400 in quite the same way…

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  • cplus-syntax

    The Structure and Syntax of C++ Code

    C++ is an amazing programming language to learn. If your dream is to become a games designer, or work at the cutting edge of science or engineering technology, then being able to code in C++…

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  • batch files

    Getting Started with Batch Files

    The Windows batch file has been around since the early days of DOS, and was once a critical element of actually being able to boot into a working system. There’s a lot you can do…

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  • css-beginners-borders

    CSS for Beginners – Borders

    In CSS, borders are used to define an area of the page or HTML element. In their most simple form, borders will be a solid, single-colour line around the element. But with a bit of…

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  • css-colours-backgrounds

    CSS for Beginners – Colours & Backgrounds

    Almost every HTML element can be assigned a colour, and many can be given a background (a colour, a pattern or an image). Even if you want your website to be clean, white and modern,…

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  • CSS for Beginners – Inserting CSS Styles

    Before you can start to master Cascading Stylesheets (CSS), you need to know the different ways you can insert the styling into a HTML document. There are three different ways to insert a style sheet…

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  • css-beginners-syntax

    CSS for Beginners – CSS Syntax & Selectors

    CSS has a fairly logical syntax that is easy to understand. A CSS rule-set consists of a Selector and a Declaration. The declaration contains one or more sets of properties and values. Once you undserstand…

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  • Planning coding projects

    How To Plan Your Coding Projects Properly

    Knowing how to code is great, but it's not going to get you very far if you don't know what it is you're supposed to be coding. Small samples of code don't need much planning,…

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  • why choose python

    Why Choose Python?

    There are many different programming languages available for the modern computer, and some still available for older 8 and 16-bit computers too. Some of these languages are designed for scientific work, others for mobile platforms…

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  • common coding terms

    Common and Useful Coding Terms

    Trying to include definitions for every programming language would require many more pages than we have here. However, we have created a list of some of the most common terms you will encounter as you…

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  • finding code

    Where to Find Code Snippets You Can Use

    Locating code online to copy and paste into an IDE isn’t difficult, but you’ve got to ensure that the code you’re entering works and doesn’t have any adverse effects on your system. There’s plenty of…

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  • numbers-and-expressions

    Python 101 – Numbers and Expressions

    You can get some really impressive results from the mathematical powers of Python, as maths is the driving force behind the code with most, if not all, programming languages.

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  • Linux Distros worth trying

    Check Out These 4 Alternative Linux Distros

    The variety of Linux distros is quite staggering at times, and with so many to choose from it’s often difficult to decide which to download and test.

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  • python gaming

    Python in Focus – Gaming

    Although not always considered as the ideal programming language for developing games, Python has come a long way in recent years and is now one of the contributing elements to a huge number of titles.

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