• create strong online passwords

    Avoiding Easily Hacked Passwords

    Creating a strong online password is your first defence against malicious activity on the Internet. Anyone who uses a computer, a smartphone or a tablet will need to create a password at some point. But are your passwords strong enough?

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  • Android Security Tips for Beginners

    This guide will help you learn how to make your Android smartphone or tablet more secure using the features built in to the operating system.

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  • reset samsung galaxy

    How To Wipe Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

    A factory reset is useful if trying to fix some persistent issues, or if you are planning to sell or give away an old device and want to make sure that everything of yours has been removed.

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  • hiding cookie popups

    Hide Those Annoying Pop-Up Cookie Notices

    Cookie warnings are usually in the form of a popup that appears the first time you visit a website, and although useful for tackling privacy issues, can be annoying.

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  • Email and Child Safety4

    Teaching Your Kids To Use Email Safely

    We’re often so concerned over social media, online gaming and chat sites that we tend to ignore one of the most common threats to online safety for young people and children, email. Whilst it’s a more manageable element, it does…

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  • airpods on android

    Using Airpods With An Android Phone

    No matter what you think about Apple, Airpods are some of the best true wireless bluetooth headphones you can buy right now. But if you are an Android user, you might think that Airpods wouldn't work with your phone... But…

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  • cell signal quality

    5 Things That Affect Mobile Signal

    There are several things that can affect how good your cell phone signal is, things that you might not automatically consider when a call drops or when your phone shows the dreaded no bars.

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  • improve wifi range and speed

    Easy Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Range and Speed

    Are you plagued by slow wireless Internet speeds? Does your Wi-Fi drop out at the worst possible times? Smart TV spending more time buffering than streaming your favourite shows? Then it sounds like you need to boost your Wi-Fi range…

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  • recycling your phones

    Recycling Your Mobile Phone – Why and How?

    It is estimated that, in the UK alone, there are 40 million unused electronic gadgets laying around in homes gathering dust. The Royal Society of Chemistry conducted a survey which suggested that around half of homes have at least 1…

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  • digital wellbeing

    Reducing How Much Time You Spend on Your Phone

    Recently introduced into Android, Digital Wellbeing is a way for users to more easily see how much they are using their device, how much time they spend on different apps, and ways to reduce that use or make it less…

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  • Using Smart Pop-up View on Samsung Galaxy

    Set Up Smart Pop-up In most cases, Smart Pop-up View will not be enabled by default, so you will need to activate and configure it before you start getting pop-up notifications. Step 1 – This feature is only available on…

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  • monitor children online

    Monitoring Your Children’s Online Activity

    The temptation and lure of the Internet is often a little too much for some people, especially young people who are repeatedly told not to look or go somewhere on it. Tell a young person not to open a box…

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  • Problems with in-app spending4

    Pay to Play – How To Prevent Unwanted In-App Purchases

    The Internet is awash with horror stories from parents who have discovered that their child has spent an impressive sum on a game without their consent or knowledge; but, just how much of a problem is this in-app spending issue?

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  • Connect Your Phone to a Windows 10 PC

    You can connect an iOS or Android phone to your Microsoft account and Windows 10, allowing you to view the photos on your phone from the comfort of your desktop, and even see call and SMS details on your computer…

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  • What To Do If You Are Hacked

    Being the victim of a hack sounds scary to most people, but while you should take it seriously, there is often no need to panic. If you think you have been hacked, just follow the instructions here to get you…

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