• Connect Your Phone to a Windows 10 PC

    You can connect an iOS or Android phone to your Microsoft account and Windows 10, allowing you to view the photos on your phone from the comfort of your desktop, and even see call and SMS details on your computer…

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  • all about google stadia

    Setting Up Your Google Stadia

    With their Stadia project, Google hopes to revolutionise how we play games in the home and on the move. Their vision for the future is one where it is possible to play games on virtually any hardware without the need…

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  • parental control google play

    Stop Your Kids Installing Apps on Google Play

    If you are like many people who happily hand over your phone or tablet to children or grandchildren, you would be wise to set the controls provided in the Google Play Store.

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  • change provider with txt

    Change Mobile Providers with a Text Message

    From July 1st 2019, UK mobile phone users who are out of contract and want to change their service provider (while keeping their number) can request to switch with a simple text message. 

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  • check android malicious apps

    Check Android for Malicious Apps

    Google Play Protect helps us do exactly that, scanning up to 50 billion apps every day, not only on the Play Store, but also on your Android devices. It also allows us to scan on demand and to check app…

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  • google home routines

    How to Use Google Home Routines

    Routines are a set of actions that your Google Home can perform, activated by a single voice command. You can customise existing pre-set routines in the Google Home app, or you can create your own personalised routines from scratch, using…

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  • gmail confidential mode

    Using the Gmail Confidential Mode

    You may not have realised it yet, but Gmail now has a Confidential mail mode. This allows you to send an email which cannot be forwarded, can’t be copied and pasted and will expire (or become unreadable) after a set…

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  • 16 Pixel 3 Beginner Tips & Tricks

    Android 9.0 brings a lot of changes to the Pixel 3 and Pixel XL phones. Lets take a look at some of the main new features of Pie on the Pixel 3, and how to make the most of them…

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  • free cloud storage

    Get 100GB of Free Cloud Storage

    There are many cloud storage providers, offering both free and paid storage plans, and with a little bit of work, and some organisation, you can get more than 100GB of free cloud storage in a matter of minutes.

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  • reset samsung galaxy

    Erase and Reset a Samsung Galaxy

    A factory reset is useful if trying to fix some persistent issues, or if you are planning to sell or give away an old device and want to make sure that everything of yours has been removed.

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  • cell signal quality

    Cell Signal: 5 Things That Affect Quality

    There are several things that can affect how good your cell phone signal is, things that you might not automatically consider when a call drops or when your phone shows the dreaded no bars.

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  • boost your Wi-Fi range and speed

    Boost Your Wi-Fi Range and Speed

    Are you plagued by slow wireless Internet speeds? Does your Wi-Fi drop out at the worst possible times? Smart TV spending more time buffering than streaming your favourite shows? Then it sounds like you need to boost your Wi-Fi range…

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  • create strong online passwords

    How to Create Strong Online Passwords

    Creating a strong online password is your first defence against malicious activity on the Internet. Anyone who uses a computer, a smartphone or a tablet will need to create a password at some point. But are your passwords strong enough?

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  • 5 Steps to Better Android Security

    This guide will help you learn how to make your Android smartphone or tablet more secure using the features built in to the operating system.

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  • make public wi-fi safer to use

    Protect Your Devices on Public Wi-Fi

    If you want to stay connected, but also want to keep yourself and your device safe, there are a few simple thing you can do to tighten up security without compromising your Internet access.

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