• samsung-screenshot

    Samsung Galaxy Screenshot Tools

    Saving and sharing what is being displayed on your Samsung Galaxy screen is now easier than ever, with the addition of advanced screenshot tools for most devices.

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  • gmail confidential mode

    Using the Gmail Confidential Mode

    You may not have realised it yet, but Gmail now has a Confidential mail mode. This allows you to send an email which cannot be forwarded, can’t be copied and pasted and will expire (or become unreadable) after a set…

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  • What To Do If You Are Hacked

    Being the victim of a hack sounds scary to most people, but while you should take it seriously, there is often no need to panic. If you think you have been hacked, just follow the instructions here to get you…

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  • 16 Pixel 3 Beginner Tips & Tricks

    Android 9.0 brings a lot of changes to the Pixel 3 and Pixel XL phones. Lets take a look at some of the main new features of Pie on the Pixel 3, and how to make the most of them…

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  • google nest routines

    Creating Routines for Google Nest Speakers

    Routines are a set of actions that your Google Home can perform, activated by a single voice command. You can customise existing pre-set routines in the Google Home app, or you can create your own personalised routines from scratch, using…

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  • The Best Star Wars Games on Mobile for iOS & Android

    To be fair, with regards to the Star Wars universe on the big screen, the Mandalorian did breathe some life back into the live-action side of the franchise. And, while many may not be fans of the cinematic universe, the…

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  • connect galaxy buds pro

    Connecting and Using Your Galaxy Buds Pro

    Samsung have made connecting and using the Galaxy Bud earphones fairly easy, but if you are having problems getting started with these amazing little earbuds, here's a quick guide to connecting and using the Galaxy Buds Pro headphones.

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  • charge-galaxy-buds-pro

    Charging Your Galaxy Buds Pro

    Like most true wireless earbuds, you Galaxy Buds Pro come with a case. This case not only protects your headphones when not in use, but also acts as a charger. As long as the case is charged, the Buds will…

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  • I HATE THESE GAMES! The Worst Games You Can Play Today!

    For every classic game to hit the virtual shelves, there are hundreds of dull, flat and frankly mundane alternatives but when you dig that extra bit deeper, you will find those apps so bad, so disappointing or generally abominable that…

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  • best VPN 2021

    These Are the Best VPN Services for 2021

    There are dozens of VPN services available, and finding the one that will offer everything you want from a VPN while having the technology behind it to work effectively, and efficiently, can be a challenging task.

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  • best-power-bank-2021

    The Best Power Banks in 2021

    A power bank gives you the flexibility to be away from a power source for extended periods, whilst still being able to charge your phone or tablet when the internal battery runs low.

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  • record-screen-s21

    Recording Your Screen on the Samsung Galaxy S21

    Your Samsung Galaxy S21 has, as long as it is running Android 11 (which it should be), a built-in screen recording feature that allows you to capture videos of exactly what is displayed on your screen. You could use it…

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  • mobile security tips

    8 Tips For Securing Your Mobile Device

    Keeping your mobile device secure isn’t too much of a tall order. In fact, it’s remarkably easy. You needn’t spend too long, and invest a lot to secure it either. Here are eight quick tips that will ensure your device…

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  • S21 Wireless Power Sharing

    Samsung Galaxy S21 – Wireless Power Sharing

    Your Samsung Galaxy S21 features a wireless power sharing option. This allows you to wirelessly charge your compatible Samsung devices using your phone (including other phones, Galaxy Buds, etc). Here's how to activate and control the Wireless Power Sharing feature…

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  • transfer to galaxy S21

    Transfer Content to a Galaxy S21 From an Old Phone

    Your Samsung Galaxy S21 makes it pretty easy to transfer content to it from your old phone, no matter if that old phone is a Samsung, other Android or even an iPhone.

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