Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Mobile – Review

The greatest game in Konami’s Castlevania series is back from the crypt seeking new blood on mobile.

The impact of the term “classic” is running a little thin! To grab attention or deliver a cheap promo quote, these once powerful seven letters have been diluted beyond recognition. Thankfully those wanting a reintroduction with the word defined as “of the first or highest quality, class or rank.” have an easy solution, download Konami’s Castlevania: SofN app.

Class drips from every pour of this release, the visuals, the gameplay, the audio, even the brilliantly overblown voice acting is never less than charming. For the uninitiated this game is the 13th instalment in the platform/adventure saga, mixing in literary and cinematic horror icons. Many consider this to be the zenith of the franchise, taking the familiar side scrolling, hack and slash core and adding exploration and RPG elements there are few games from this era as complete or well rounded.

Exploring the vast castle environment, battling bad guys, collecting items, upgrading your skills and magic ability is a complete joy. The inclusion of an utterly thrilling and unexpected final twist which literally stands the entire game on its head is just simply magnificent.

The conversion from the 32-Bit original to iOS is much like the game itself, flawless with one minor exception the controls. The default touch screen method is more than workable and not massively intrusive but the best way to play with a separate bluetooth joypad.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Mobile
  • Overall


Castlevania SofN rightly takes in place in the history of gaming, and those of you who have previously experienced it will testify as to why. For those of you that have yet to sink your teeth into the game, I genuinely envy you! A classic!

+ A genuine classic
+ Huge lifespan
+ Cheesy voice acting

– Need that joypad

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