Canary Mail – Review

Why do you need another email client? Canary Mail offers several reasons.

  • Mailr Tech LLP
  • £19.99, $19.99, 21,99 € (Mac and mobile versions sold separately)
  • Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later, iOS 11.0 and watchOS 3.0 or later

As macOS, iOS and iPadOS all come with Apple’s Mail app thrown in, you might wonder why you’d need a third party email client. Then you discover Canary Mail, an app that covers all Apple devices and is coming soon to Android too. Canary Mail aims to take things further, with a range of features and capabilities that aren’t available in Apple Mail.

If you send a lot of similar emails, you can make templates and access them as needed instead of retyping or copy-and-pasting the same text over and again. A smart inbox option sorts your email according to your behaviour, offering you what it thinks are the most important ones first. Highlight an email from a specific person and with a few clicks (or taps) get their contact details or a list of files and emails you’ve exchanged, and your Calendar and Contacts apps are fully integrated into Canary Mail. Read receipts show you when an email has been opened, and the user interface is excellent, with a great Dark Mode. It’s very secure too, with end-to-end encryption making sure only its intended recipient can read your email.

You can, of course, use any email account with Canary Mail, including iCloud, Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo and one supplied by your ISP, and naturally, you can add as many accounts as you like to the client.

Canary Mail is a little expensive; the prices atop this review are doubled if you want both the mobile and Mac versions of the app. But at least it’s a once-only payment, with no subscriptions and no adverts. When reading an email thread, It’s a pity you can’t mark a single email as unread without so changing the entire thread too. Even so, if you need a little more from your Mac and mobile email client than Apple Mail can provide, Canary Mail is a great contender.

Canary Mail
  • Overall


An excellent alternative to Apple Mail, or maybe a great secondary client if you want (for example) to keep your work and personal emails separate.

+ Packed with features
+ Secure and encrypted
+ 30-day free trial
– A little expensive

Ian Osborne

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