Windows 10 Solutions Vol 26


Troubleshooting tips and guides for every Windows 10 user!

    • Over 145 pages, featuring more than 870 tips and tricks
    • Learn how to boost Windows 10 performance
    • Protect your PC from viruses and malware
    • The most common Windows problems solved
    • Backup, Recovery and Fresh Start tutorials

Windows 10 Solutions is everything you need to keep your PC running smoothly, quickly and securely. From setting up a new Microsoft account properly, to customising and maintaining the OS with third-party software, this guide will let you make Windows 10 your own.

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Windows 10 Solutions Vol 26

With simple-to-follow tutorials, you can learn to fix those things that annoy you about the operating system and improve its performance.

Installing and Upgrading Windows

The best way to make sure Windows 10 runs smoothly is to install and update it correctly. Learn how to install, upgrade and update Windows 10 quickly, easily and safely, then move on to discover the tools you can use to make sure that your OS is always accessible and always recoverable if the worst should happen.

File and Folder Management

Files are everywhere in Windows 10, from music and movies to your latest spreadsheet. Learn how to manage and protect your files, including choosing where they are installed, adding new files, or editing existing ones. You will even learn how to back up every important file on your PC.

Windows 10 Security and Antivirus Advice

With the threat of malware, viruses and ransomware seemingly ever-present, the privacy and security of Windows 10 is more important than ever! Learn how to manage privacy setting in the new dashboard, how to protect yourself from viruses and how to use advanced security features.

Maintenance and Performance Tips and Tricks

Tips Keep your Windows 10 PC running smoothly with these guides to everything from disabling adverts to tweaking the Windows registry files. Discover some of the most useful maintenance software available and learn how to give your PC a boost by adding to or maintaining the hardware.

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