The Complete Windows 10 Manual Vol 14

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The ultimate guide to mastering the Windows 10 OS!

It has taken years of hard work and development to create the world’s most used operating system. Windows 10 offers the user far more than simply surfing the Internet or writing that report for work. This brilliant system features many great refinements and improvements, providing the user with email, free online storage, photo management and editing and an app store that houses thousands of programs to make your digital life so much more easy and enjoyable. With this manual in hand, we can show you how to use these great features and discover more.

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The Complete Windows 10 Manual Vol.14 – Contents include:

  • How to Use the Taskbar
  • Task View and Virtual Desktops
  • Create and Manage Folders
  • Complete Guide to Personalisation
  • Get Online With Microsoft Edge
  • How to Set Up Email Accounts
  • How to Use the Cortana Assistant
  • How to Update Windows
  • Creating a Child Account
  • Using the People App
  • Exploring the Windows App Store
  • Navigating with the Maps App
  • Importing Photos to your PC
  • Working with Photos and Images
  • Understanding the OneDrive Interface
  • Exploring GIMP on PC
  • Watching Movies in Netflix
  • Facebook on Windows 10
  • Twitter on Windows 10
  • Using WhatsApp Desktop
  • Secure Yourself on Social Networks
  • Using the Phone Companion
  • Using Dynamic Lock
  • Using Night Mode
  • Creating Web Apps with Chrome
  • Move apps to a Different Drive
  • Backup with a Recovery Drive
  • Understanding the Gaming Tools
  • Skype in Windows 10
  • Listening to Music with Spotify
  • Top 10 Antivirus and Security Packages
  • Limiting Data Use when Tethering
  • Manage Disk Partitions in Windows 10
  • Disable Adverts and Annoyances
  • Using Windows 10 Storage Sense
  • Tweak and Modify Windows 10
  • Managing Your Notifications
  • Disable Unneeded Start-up Items
  • Essential Cortana Commands List
  • Windows 10 Registry Tweaks
  • Defragment Your Hard Drive
  • Update Your Device Drivers
  • Update Your Motherboard BIOS
  • Windows 10 Gestures and Hotkeys
  • Windows 10 Maintenance Tools
  • Monitor Tasks with the Task Manager
  • Manage Your Privacy in Windows 10
  • Understanding and Preventing Malware Threats
  • Free Windows 10 Security Software
  • Remove Windows 10 Bloatware
  • Troubleshooting Windows 10
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