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Essential guides to help improve your digital and online security


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  • Learn how to protect yourself and your family online
  • Learn how to set up your digital devices safely and securely

How prepared are you for this new age of digital vandalism and theft? Is your computer secure against the continual onslaught of the modern online world? This guidebook will help you secure your computer, network and mobile devices against digital threats with easy to follow tutorials, in-depth articles and hundreds of quick tricks and tips.

This Print Replica PDF can be read on all desktop and mobile devices that are compatible with PDF files.

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Complete Guide to Better Online Security

This guidebook is designed to help anyone improve their online and digital security. Featuring over 190 pages of step-by-step guides, in-depth security articles and hundreds of quick tips and tricks, if you are concerned about your privacy and data online, this is the perfect guidebook for you.

Learn about ransomware, phishing, viruses and hacking. Discover the free and premium tools, such as antivirus and VPN’s, that you can use to protect both your computer and your mobile devices from online threats. Learn how to make your home WiFi network more secure, and how to improve the security of Windows 10.

For parents and guardians, this guidebook includes a whole section on keeping kids safe when they go online. With information on monitoring their activity, making social media safer, online gaming advice and tips and ways to prevent in-app purchasing.

Viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing, smishing, vishing, social engineering… the list of digital threats with peculiar names expands daily and hardly a moment goes by without some form of attack appearing in the news. We live in interesting times, where data is worth more than oil or gold and your personal information is greatly sought after by cybercriminals, scammers and hackers.

You’ll soon be security savvy and prepared for whatever digital threats looms on the horizon.

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