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Getting to grips with the cloud for home and business users!


  • Download and read this guidebook anywhere on any compatible device
  • Over 145 pages of Cloud guides, tips and tutorials
  • In-depth reviews of essential cloud services
  • Google, Microsoft, Dropbox and Apple services covered
  • Discover the many ways the cloud can help you

Cloud computing is everywhere you look, offering home, small to medium businesses and enterprise users a new way in which to support and utilise their infrastructure and data. While the cloud may come with many concerns, chiefly that of data security, it’s one of the fastest growing and interesting aspects of modern computing.

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The Cloud Computing Guidebook Vol 37

With The Cloud Computing Guidebook, we will show you how to implement and better utilise the cloud; personally or for your business. We’ll focus on the major players in the cloud industry and see what they can offer you, or your company.

Personal Clouds

Within these pages, we will look at what cloud solutions and services are available to the home user. We introduce Apple’s iCloud, Google’s cloud services, Microsoft’s cloud technologies and Dropbox. You will soon come to realise just how much you use the cloud already.

Business Clouds

We also take a unique look at how the SMB user can use the cloud to their benefit and what example solutions are available. We’ll also expand on the different cloud services and how they can be implemented and integrated into your business IT and systems.

DIY Clouds

Is it worth setting up your own cloud? How does it work? Is it expensive? You’ll discover how easy it is to create your own cloud service, available from home or the office; we’ll answer these and many more questions you may have.

Cloud Busting

We help break down the myths and jargon used in cloud computing and even take a look at where and into what the cloud may evolve. With this book to hand, you will have clear skies ahead when it comes to the cloud.



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