The Mac Manual Vol 27

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Your ultimate guide to the Mac, macOS and its apps!

Whatever your level of experience, The Mac Manual is for you. It’s packed with easy-to-follow, fully illustrated guides and tutorials that help everyone get more from their Macs. For beginners, there’s a set up guide and tips on using the Mac’s key apps. For intermediate users, we show you the apps’ more advanced capabilities and macOS Sierra’s high-end features. Finally, for the expert user, we have some great projects to try out that really take things further. It’s all in The Mac Manual!

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Brilliant for Beginners

We begin with a series of tutorials aimed at the absolute beginner. We show you how to set up your Mac for the first time, make use of its key apps such as Safari, Mail, Maps and Music and get to grips with macOS basics such as the Desktop and Finder.

Ideal for Intermediates

If you’ve been using your Mac for a while and would like to learn a little more, check out our app tutorials that go beyond the basics and show you their more obscure features. We also show you the operating system’s advanced features like iCloud and Family Sharing.

Excellent for Experts

If you’re an experienced Mac user, you might well benefit from our tutorials for advanced projects. Find out how to add a second screen, run Windows or Linux on your Mac, use a joypad for your favourite games and even use Terminal hacks.

What to Buy Next?

If you’re looking for something to buy for your Mac, we round up some of the latest peripherals and third-party applications you can purchase. Naturally, we show you how to use the App Store and iTunes Store, so you can buy apps and media too.

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