The MacOS Mojave Manual Vol 32


Getting Started – Expert Tutorials – Advanced Help!

Over 160 pages of tips, guides and tutorials for Mac and MacOS Mojave.

What is macOS Mojave? Well, macOS is the operating system which runs on Mac notebooks and desktop computers and Mojave is the latest release of macOS. If you want to stay up to date with what you can do on your Mac, you need to learn about Mojave; and with our help, you can.

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The MacOS Mojave Manual Vol 32

The macOS Mojave Manual is packed with easy to follow guides that get to the heart of your Mac and its operating system. It’s fully up to date with Mojave, the latest version of macOS, covering all its new features and software applications, or ‘apps’. With our help, you can use your Mac like a pro.

The Current Mac Range • Update macOS to Mojave • Launching and Quitting Applications
• Get Online with Wi-Fi or Ethernet • Trackpad Gesture Controls • NEW FEATURE: Desktop Stacks • Using the Mac’s Menus • The Dock, and What it Does • Notification Centre • Set Up Your Email Accounts

Web Browsing with Safari • Mail App, for Email • NEW FEATURE: The Stocks App • iTunes, for Music • Read eBooks with Books • Master the Siri Assistant • NEW FEATURE: Siri Shortcuts • Back Up with Time Machine • iCloud, for Cloud Storage • NEW FEATURE: The News App • All Key Bundled Apps Covered

Learn About Continuity and Handoff • Split Screen Multitasking • NEW FEATURE: Voice Memos App • Using Keyboard Shortcuts • The MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar • Family Sharing • NEW FEATURE: Continuity Camera • Top Tips and Features Exposed • Buy Apps and Gear for Your Mac • NEW FEATURE: Screenshots and Video

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