MacOS High Sierra Manual
Vol 12

Getting Started - Expert Tutorials - Advanced Help

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Apple’s latest update to the macOS, High Sierra, is here and it’s amazing, adding new functionality and features to the already impressive macOS. In this 192 page independent manual, we take an in-depth look at all the key features of this new OS, with illustrated tutorials which are suitable for all Mac and MacBook users.

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Inside this exhaustive publication you will find that all your macOS High Sierra questions will be answered, as our team of experts have produced 100% exclusive guides to the following:

  • Setting Up Your Mac
  • Upgrading to macOS High Sierra
  • Using Gesture Controls
  • How to Use the Desktop
  • Customising macOS High Sierra
  • Using High Sierra’s Finder Feature
  • Finder’s Key Features
  • How to Use the Dock
  • Using the Spotlight Feature
  • Setting Up Your Email
  • Using the Bundled Apps
  • Go Online with Safari
  • Using the Photos App
  • Learn about the iTunes App
  • Get Apple Music Service
  • Using the iBooks App
  • Video Chat with FaceTime
  • Using the Maps App
  • Shop on the App Store
  • Replace Word with Pages
  • Projects for Numbers Users
  • Getting More From Your Mac
  • Understanding System Preferences
  • Your Mac’s iCloud Service
  • Social Network Integration
  • Your Mac’s Apple Pay Feature
  • Your Mac’s Siri Feature
  • Advanced Projects, Troubleshooting & Extras
  • Running Non-Apple Operating Systems
  • Rescuing Deleted Files on Your Mac
  • Adding a Second Screen to Your Mac
  • Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Mac
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting