The Advanced Guide to

Genius Mac tips for the more experienced Apple user!

If youʼve been using your Mac for a while now and are fully up to speed with the basics, nowʼs the time to take things further. With BDMʼs Advanced Guide to Mac, you can get more from your Apple Mac, whether itʼs a desktop or a notebook model. Learn more about the apps you use every day and try out some amazing advanced projects, all made easy with our illustrated tutorials.

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Customise Your Mac Your Way

We show you how to tweak and hack your Mac, customising it to your own requirements. Rearrange the UI, customise the desktop, overhaul the Finder toolbar and more.

Advanced Features Uncovered

Are you making the best use of macOS’s more complex features? Making the most of multitasking, picture in picture mode and more hidden features? If not, we’re here to help.

Expert Mac Hacks and Projects

We show you how to speed up your Mac, add a second screen, hack your Mac with the Terminal, customise keyboard shortcuts, use the Mac’s hidden features and more.

Make Mac Apps Work For You

Capitalise upon the real power of the core apps by using Pages, Numbers and Keynote to their full potential. Our expert team show you how to exploit them to the fullest.



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