The Linux Manual Vol 30

Learning Linux has never been so easy!

Linux may not have the user numbers that Microsoft or Apple enjoy but those who have adopted it into their digital life find this remarkable operating system, and the available free programs it offers, a breath of fresh air. Linux stands for much more than simply free-to-use programs and apps. It’s a movement that’s gathering pace embracing everything that’s good about the modern digital age. So win back your freedom and take Linux for a spin.


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The Linux Manual Vol 30

Over 190 pages of Linux know-how, written in plain English, and designed to make using this alternative OS easier!

Linux offers the user a fast, secure environment, free from bloated software, to work and play on. Not only are you able to configure it to your own personal tastes, you can also enjoy a superb everyday desktop operating system that’s developed by a community of like-minded users and free thinkers.

Using Linux

In this book we look at how to get hold of Linux and how to install it on a PC or Mac and in a virtual environment. We look at how it works and how you can achieve great things and take command of its features and options. Before long, you’ll be mastering Linux and joining the millions of other users world-wide.

Linux for Beginners

Don’t worry if the thought of Linux sounds too much to take on board. Armed with this book, you can comfortably get to grips with how everything works and how you can make it work for you. We show you how you can navigate the filesystem, manage the desktop, use its many wonderful features and install more open source and free software.

Linux for Intermediate Users

Those with a bit more Linux knowledge can learn how to extend their skills within the pages of this book. We take you deeper into the command line, where things really start to become interesting and you can learn how to create Bash scripts, automate tasks and even become anonymous online. You will soon learn how to peel back the layers of Linux and configure its inner workings.

Linux for Advanced Users

We take things a step further in the last third of this book, showing you how to build your own Linux distro using Arch Linux as the base. You will work from the command line, partition a hard drive and format it, download and install the core Linux files and eventually configure it with a Desktop Environment. Then together with free software you can make it a complete bespoke and personal operating system.


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