The Beginners’ Guide to Raspberry Pi Vol 26

In-depth, jargon-free guides for every new Raspberry Pi user!

With a Raspberry Pi you can learn to code, build your own web server and even build robots. This step-by-step guide teaches you how to install the Raspberry Pi software, learn the basics of coding and wiring, all the way through to more advanced and complex projects. Written by Raspberry Pi enthusiasts and experts, this is the only guide for the Raspberry Pi you need. Forget how complex other books make it, this is Raspberry Pi for beginners!


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Set Up and Basics

If you have a basic understanding, everything else becomes easier. Learn how to get your Raspberry Pi up and running. Our step-by-step tutorials clearly explain how to download and install the latest software, set up your Raspberry Pi and turn it into a usable computer.

Raspberry Pi Tutorials

Discover the best and most useful Raspberry Pi projects around, described in plain English. Our detailed guides walk you through the components, build processes and software hacks needed to get the most from the RPi.

Introduction to Coding

Computers run on code and this book covers the basics of Linux, Python and other codes you need to control your Raspberry Pi microcomputer. We’ll make you a master of the Command Line environment and show you how to become a fully-fledged coder.

Practical Pi Projects

Within these pages are some of the best Raspberry Pi projects available right now. They will inspire you to make more and challenge you to make something really rewarding. That’s what this book is all about. Delve inside to start building something incredible.


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