Raspberry Pi Tricks Hacks and Fixes Vol 32

Want to do more with your incredible little Pi? Raspberry Pi Tricks, Hacks & Fixes is your ultimate guide to getting more from both the hardware and the software. From learning how to build your own robots to detailed plans for creating security cameras and supercomputers, every page is packed with interesting projects.


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Unix Coding Guides

If you want to get the most from your RPi, you are going to need to have some coding skills. Whether you are completely new to coding or if Unix is something you have never touched before, our guides will help you get up to speed and teach you the tricks needed to succeed.

Detailed tutorials

You’ll discover the best Raspberry Pi projects described in intricate detail. Our step-by-step guides walk you through the components, build processes and software hacks. These projects are challenging but our guides make them definitely do-able.

Project Builds

This book is not just about providing you with step-by-step guides. It is also designed to inspire you, with projects you otherwise might not have tried. Inside these pages you’ll discover the inspiration you need to build something incredible with your Raspberry Pi board.

Raspberry Pi Extras

Learn how to take screenshots and use ScummVM, discover some amazing Raspberry Pi hats and solve some common problems. Inside you will be introduced to a few of the exciting add-ons and extras you can bolt to your RPi device and create even more functionality.


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