Learn Coding: C++ & Python Vol 35


Crystal clear guides to help you discover coding!

  • Over 160 pages of coding guides, tips and tutorials
  • Learn Python 3 and apply it to real-world programs
  • Start to learn the basics of C++
  • Free Download – 60 Programs & 21,500 lines of code

Learn Coding: C++ & Python will take you through the initial stages of learning how to code with two of the most utilised, and powerful, programming languages available today. Python is a perfect beginner’s language: easy to learn, while being effective and efficient. C++ is the powerhouse of programming and with it, you can create great things.

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Learn Coding: C++ & Python Vol 35

Learning to code is one of the most useful skills you can adopt in this ever-changing digital world. Discovering how code influences, drives, and controls every aspect of computing can lead to improved job prospects, mastery of IT, and a better understanding of how our devices communicate with the wider world.


Python can be found in the background of websites, helping to control everything from the Internet, through to NASA, on-board the ISS. It’s a simple, but extremely eff ective, programming language and you can learn the basics in a matter of hours. Master Python, and you hold the future of AI, Big Data, and the Internet in your hands.

Python Power

Within, you will learn how to use the core selection of Python’s many commands and routines to create your own code that you can expand and improve on for use in the real world. We look at using variables, user input, loops, Python Modules, and even Python graphics.


Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation and Xbox games, they all have one thing in common: at the heart of each lies C++ code. C++ is powerful, fast, and can control some of the more complex elements of technology. It’s little wonder that C++ is one of the most sought-after programming languages in the job market. Start your C++ adventure here, and see where it leads.

Working with C++

Discover how to install a C++ IDE and compiler, how to start coding in C++, and get to grips with elements such as strings, data types, user interaction, fi le input and output, loops and decision making concepts. This book will help you with your fi rst steps into C++.

Keep on Coding

We’ve got some great coding projects for you to get your teeth into. Including code that can pass variables from the command line to Python, animations using ASCII art, code to track the International Space Station in real-time, and even some retro coding for a bit of old school fun, there’s something for everyone in Learn Coding: C++ & Python.

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