The Complete Raspberry Pi Manual Vol 22


Your key to getting the most from all Raspberry Pi Hardware!

  • Set up your Raspberry Pi in under 30 minutes
  • Quickly learn to code with Scratch, BASIC and Python
  • Build a robotic arm and learn computer electronics
  • Expert projects! Spy camera, games console & media player

Do you want to learn how computers work? With a Raspberry Pi you can learn how to code, build cool projects and control robots. The Complete Raspberry Pi Manual is the perfect book to get you started. We’ll show you, in step-by-step tutorials, how to set-up your Raspberry Pi, learn to use its desktop interface and command line and start building impressive projects.

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The Complete Raspberry Pi Manual Vol 22

Set-by-step tutorials

Other books feel packed with filler but our easy-to-follow tutorials explain every step in pure detail, with a photograph for each step. Our tutorials make it possible for complete beginners to quickly get going. We’ll take you from knowing absolutely nothing, to being able to use the Raspberry Pi as your personal, programmable computer.

Learn to code

Being able to program a computer is the single most important skill you can learn today. It sounds daunting but with a Raspberry Pi and this guide you’ll soon get started. Our Raspberry Pi experts will take you from knowing nothing, to being able to program a computer like a pro.

Computer electronics

The cool thing about the Raspberry Pi is the ability to hook it up to circuits and control electronic devices. We’ll show you how to set up a test circuit, using a cheap tool called a “Breadboard” and use the Raspberry Pi to operate control switches and lights.

Robots and other projects

Our step-by-step guides take you all the way from humble beginner to building a robotic arm that you can program. How cool is that? You’ll also learn to build games consoles, media players and spy cameras. Packed with projects, this is the only guide to Raspberry Pi you’ll ever need.

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