Complete Linux Mint Vol 27


The ultimate independent user manual for the Linux Mint OS!

Linux Mint is an exciting distribution of Linux that brings together everything that’s great about the operating system. With this book to hand, you’ll be introduced to the different editions of Linux Mint, what the advantages and features are of each edition and how to install and how to use Linux Mint.

Linux Mint is an excellent foundation on which to build your computing knowledge and skills. It’s a superb everyday desktop and media machine and offers a secure and safe environment for you and your children.

Linux Mint is freely available to download, install and use. So if you’re thinking of trying out Linux, then Linux Mint is the ideal starting point. This book will help you down the road to becoming a Mint Master.

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Why Mint?

This book will help you understand why Linux Mint is one of the most popular Linux distributions available today. It’s a superb choice for beginners, experts and every user level in between. We look at its history and how it came to be such a great distro; and we get you up and running in no time.

Exploring Linux Mint

The latest version, Linux Mint 18.1, comes in four different flavours: Cinnamon, MATE, Xfce, and KDE. We look at each version and see how they differ, and how they can work for you. We look at the different apps available, and how to install more. We even take a look at the more experienced user version of Linux Mint, LMDE 2.

Digging Deeper

Linux Mint is a remarkably user-friendly entry into the wider world of Linux but within these pages we dig a little deeper into how to administer and manage it. You can learn how to add users, set up a firewall and even how to personalise and customise the desktop and other elements. If you’ve ever wanted your own unique operating system, then this book will help you achieve that goal.

Mastering Mint

Linux Mint has so much to offer the user. It’s quick, stable, secure and comes with a wealth of programs, tools and apps; it’s an ideal operating system for those who are moving on from Windows or macOS. It’s also designed to be as simple to use as possible. With this book we introduce you to the Linux Community and how you can quickly come to appreciate this excellent distribution.

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